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Battle of Love

Battle of Love



Three years ago, she made his sister's life a condition for him to marry her. After two years of marriage, she suffered all kinds of coldness and ridicule. However affectionate she was, she was also disappointed in his cruel coldness. Desperate, she finally decided to leave. But the man suddenly ran after her. "Excuse me, sir, I don't know you." "It doesn't matter. Let's get to know each other."
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Irene looked at the cold food on the table, pursed her lips, took out her phone, and sent a text message to the person, "Aren't you going home again today?"

An hour later, the text still hadn't been replied.

Irene hesitated for a moment, but in the end, she still gave him a call.

She called seven times before he picked up the phone.

"Yes?" This word of coldness and alienation was filled with impatience.

Irene felt bitter in her heart and whispered, "We agreed that you must go home this weekend."


This word caused William's eyes to sink fiercely, and his expression became even colder.

What he hated the most was that this woman threatened him with the marriage contract and asked him to do something.

Back then, he had to marry her, now, he had to go home, and he had to eat the food which tasted bad she cooked…

However, the moment he saw that woman, he felt disgusted.

"I have to work overtime." After saying those words, William just hung up.

Hearing the cold voice on the other side of the phone, Irene's movements stiffened and her eyes darkened.

Three years had passed. He had never given her a good look since she had been married for three years. Every time he returned home, there was only a cold face and mockery. It was as if she was some kind of dirty thing. When he looked at her, his eyes would be dirty.

Irene raised her hand to cover her face, covering the pain and struggle in her eyes.

The phone suddenly shook slightly again. Irene thought it was his text message and hurriedly picked it up to take a look.

It's not a text, it's a self portrait.

It was William and Jenny. Jenny raised her mobile phone and landed on William's waist with her the other hand. They were affectionately and sweetly stuck together.

Irene stared at the photo and her face turned pale.

This was not the first time she had received such messages. At first, she firmly believed that this was just Jenny's intentional act of provoking her and did not care much about it. But then, she received similar photos again and again. Sometimes, the background was even in the hotel!

After so many times, she had no choice but to start suspecting that perhaps William really…

This thought was like a knife, ruthlessly and deeply piercing into Irene's heart, and it hurt to the bone.

Irene's fingers trembled as she picked up her phone again and called William.

"William, go home now!" Irene clenched her phone tightly and used all her strength to stop her voice from trembling.

William knitted his eyebrows and said impatiently, "I have said, I'm working overtime…"

"I don't care what you're doing. William, it's written in our agreement that you must come back once a week." Irene took a deep breath and said in a hoarse tone, "You had promised me, you can't go against it."

William was silent, his dark and deep eyes suppressing his anger.

Again, that woman would only use that agreement to threaten him!

"Alright!" After gritting his teeth and replying with a single word, William angrily threw his phone back onto the office floor, and with a sound, the phone shattered.

Suppressing the anger in his heart, William did not even take his coat and directly strode out.

The secretary at the door had just heard the commotion and was rushing over to look at the situation. She did not expect that the boss juat went out to the office. She could not stop for a moment but hit the boss's chest. She accidentally rubbed a red lipstick mark on William's shirt.

"Sorry boss..." The secretary hurriedly apologized, wanting to wipe her lipstick, but William impatiently directly bypassed her and quickly disappeared.

The secretary looked at the boss's cold back and blinked her eyes. She felt the cold anger on the boss's face. Her heart jumped. Seeing the boss's angry appearance, it was probably because of that annoying Madam Smith…

The secretary shook her head and didn't dare to make any more conjectures. She hurriedly went to prepare the materials for tomorrow's meeting.

William forcefully stepped on the accelerator, bringing his anger as he rushed back to the disgusting house.