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The Earth Of Mist

The Earth Of Mist



The novel revolves around murders carried out by a mysterious person using the protagonist. The protagonist is a weak character. Through the novel, we see the original plot, the murders and their mysterious causes, and get to know the victims of the mysterious character. And there are also subplots of heroes where we're all going to get to know the real people that we meet in our lives. A novel has different lines for different people to attract the reader to more events We're going to see a lot of characters in a disaster that eventually forces them to commit a lot of crimes, some as victims, others as criminals.
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Chapter 1

It was a normal morning. Nothing sexy about it. He wakes up suspicious before he's ready to go to work. Six years, he's been working in the same place, just a salesman. As in the case of him living alone, he thought of his only friend's suggestion for a successful relationship with a girl he had just known. The light rain was with him in the morning, the day ended anyway, and he didn't care that there were eyes on him, nothing worth caring about. In the evening he sat in front of the television watching a movie. He remembered his father in a disturbing way because he loved that actor, he could not continue to watch because it upset him.

I remembered the words of his mother when he was a child. He always wore that necklace around your neck and tried to say, Mom, I don't like her, but her looks stopped him. Remember the irony of some people at school, What is this necklace, Are You a Magician? His mother always echoed to him, It's the portrait of a saint who miraculously gave birth to me.

Since he returned from Paris, not remembering where he had forgotten the necklace, he began to think that the image of that saint was effective. His life has become a nightmare.

He decided to go and run that evening. It was a surprise decision for him a while ago he didn't care about weight. At first he felt he was barely breathing. He caught a glimpse of the shadows appearing and disappearing but did not care.

He suddenly got scared while the shadow was out there somewhere, thought he'd turn around and come home but damn curiosity made him. He's usually a very uncurious person who never makes a problem and lives a very boring life. But this is one of the rare times he will regret very much later. But he can't change it. Sometimes he wishes to go back the boring way he was before he saw what he saw that night.

That morning she woke up nervous from the menstrual pain she had the most last night. In addition to examining the earnings of her own restaurant, fast food was never good that month. You need more time to think about it. She remembers that she doesn't have to fail at this because it's the last thing her damn mother says I'm also a success, not a failure, like you made everyone think I was.

She chose to cook and she chose to serve meat in her restaurant. Unlike her mother, a scientist who loves math and science, she was below average at school and was ashamed when her mother read her grades. At first she accused the school of failure and insisted she put her in a better school. But her tendencies did not improve. She still dislikes science and mathematics. While her father was an FBI detective, but he was always busy working, did he think her like a loser? Remember, he once told her that she was a pretty girl who was convinced that he didn't think she could be a detective or with criminals. She thinks because he's afraid she doesn't want to think he's like her mother thinks she's a loser. On Father's Day she sends a Christmas card, but she refuses to tell him about her life. He knows where she works, but he has never come to visit her. She thinks one day she will come while she runs one morning. A light rain falls on her head. I forgot for seconds the size of her debt and felt slim.

I watched her eccentric neighbor from afar. She knew he'd been stalking her for months, but she wasn't ready for a new relationship, and then suddenly Gilber left for another town trying to get out of it. And besides, that neighbor wasn't her type, he looks older than his age. He does not care about his appearance or body condition. Twice a week, he comes for a quick dinner at her restaurant before he leaves for his apartment alone. And he does not forget to look closely behind her and feel her well.

Her strange neighbor's body was in the mud as he fell into that mud pond. She couldn't get away, even though her mind had warned her not to. But she was walking to her destiny

How did you suddenly appear in front of him like this? He's been trying to talk to her for months, but he knows he's bad looking and no girl would go on a date with him. He wanted to scream no, he's not okay he just buried a dead man; he wanted to tell her he's not a murderer and he doesn't understand how he did what he did. I helped him get out of the mud pool while he followed her around like a lost child who didn't know what to do now.

It was like a dream she helped him get to his apartment, watched him watch the place like he wanted to make sure something you didn't know. I asked him a third time if you were okay. I thought when I came close and helped him, it wouldn't have been better if she had kept her way. I watched her watch being late for work. I grabbed her phone and sent a quick message to Jenna as soon as she got there. I watched him pass like a hypnotist into the bathroom. As you heard the bathroom sound, I sat on the couch. Her mind has deliberately forgotten what debts she has to settle within a month.

He watched her leave quietly, tried to thank her, but he didn't. He knew she thought he was crazy, and as she walked away, he wanted to tell her what happened. Someone had to know. Remember the words of the man if he tells anyone he will be the new victim. No, he can't imagine her magnificent body having happened to that guy who just dumped him.

When she left, he headed for the kitchen to eat everything he could find. Imagine his father's face after he learns and visits him in prison his immigrant father from the East dreamed of becoming a doctor, but he failed him and he couldn't get into college. Although his father would have helped him with money if he did and went to medical school, all to see his son fulfill his personal dream because his father failed to become a doctor in his own country. Many things he inherited from his father that he did not love. The same eye is the color of the skin as one person. Now he comes to visit him in prison and sees his bewildered and failed eyes in his eyes. While no one will be able to help you. Only his mother would grieve, as she preferred to stay and not run away from his father who knew her badly so that she could stay with him. If she'd gone, she couldn't have taken care of him.