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Touch Me While I Taste You

Touch Me While I Taste You



What do you do when you lose your virginity to your next-door neighbor who so happens to be the egotistical bad boy of the entire town, who raises havoc wherever he goes and is the biggest player on the planet? Well, you guard your heart and stay away from him like everyone warned you to. Oh and pretend like nothing happened because what else can you expect from a bad boy? But what if it's too late to stay away? Especially since he's already had a taste of you and you of him? What if you wanted more? What if you were too late to guard your heart? What if you had already fallen for him even before you moaned out his name?
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Arabella Rivera

"You taste divine." Dean Winchester moans, kissing the creamy skin of my thigh. I moan arching my back in pleasure.

He continues to trail open mouth kisses along my thigh, his piercing eyes not once leaving my face. He smirks when I shiver.

"Let's see how you taste here." He smirks, forcing my legs to part.

My breathing was now labored, my chest rising and falling like I had just run a marathon. My fingers tangle in his hair as he brings his mouth down to my-

"Haiden I know you've always made bad decisions but stealing cigarettes? Really! I am so tired of having to clean up your mess!" A loud feminine piercing voice blasts.

I groan, stirring in my comfortable bed. I clench the covers in my hands, gripping them tightly in irritation. I pressed the side of my face on my white-colored bedding and threw one of my pillows over my head as a useless way to block out their loud tones.

Dean Winchester and I were just about to-

"I never fucking told you to clean up my mess! If you're tired of me causing trouble for your precious reputation then send me the fuck away. It would be better for all of us!" The gruff male tone definitely belonged to Haiden. His voice was sour and spoke of his anger.

"Don't you dare talk to me in that kind of tone Haiden!" The voice that obviously belonged to Mrs. Cross raged out. "And stop cursing the neighbors will hear!"

Too late. Not only did I hear but you also woke me up from my dream.

I breathed out a sigh turning on my back and throw the pillow to my side in frustration. I stared at the spinning fan on the ceiling for a few seconds. Growing bored, I part my feet and peeked between them. The television mounted on the wall was still on.

Somehow I had managed to fall asleep watching supernatural. The voices of Dean and Sam Winchester were like a barely-there whisper because of the low volume.

I preferred it that way, soft and unheard so mother would not know that I was watching anything other than documentaries.

"Do I look like I fucking care!?" Haiden's voice is so loud it nearly pierces my eardrums.

I suppose I should have gotten used to it by now. It was like a routine, he would do something bad and his mother would scold him. Louder than necessary.

I hear the undeniable footsteps approaching my door and like a lightning bolt I sit up, reach over for the remote and switch off the television.

The doorknob turns and I waited with anticipation. Mother's head peeks inside, her blonde hair in perfect curls around her face. Lips stained with red lipstick and brows plucked to perfection. Her green eyes fall to my sitting form on the bed.

She fully enters and the pencil skirt and blouse she wore hugged her small figure. Her heels clacked on the white marble as she walked. Her form is straight and confident as she strides.

"Those barbarians are at it again." She says sourly, walking over to my window and slides it shut. It barely does justice for Haiden and Mrs. Cross's voice still penetrates through.

She glares out of the window. "Honestly Charlotte should get a hold of her son. The boy is a lost cause." She turns to face me." Stay away from boys like that Arabella, they're only going to bring trouble."

It's not like you and dad would allow me anyway.

Of course I don't say that out loud. I settled for a small nod, completely agreeing. She was right, Haiden is someone you should stay clear of. He was trouble. He was like an overflowing bag of chaos wrapped in one human being.

"Good." Her voice sounds pleased. She approaches me. "Your father and I want to have dinner alone tonight, I will make sure Gertrude brings dinner to your room."

When she is beside me, she reaches over and tucks my brown hair behind my ears. "Will you have a problem staying in your room tonight darling? Sorry that you can't join, it's your father  and I's tenth anniversary and we want to celebrate it alone."

I wanted to point out to her that she had already mentioned that they wanted to spend it alone but refrain. I would rather stay cooked up in my room than suffocate the unbearable awkwardness at the dinner table.

"I have no complaints, mother."

She smiles and lifts my chin with her freshly manicured finger. "You're my perfect girl." She playfully pinches my chin and steps back.

"Make sure you're asleep by eight. Tomorrow is the first day of your senior year and you need plenty rest." She says and walks over to my door.

Honestly, I wished she hadn't reminded me. I was not looking forward to my senior year. It felt like the entire world was on my shoulders just by thinking about it.

Her fingers grasp the doorknob and she twists, opening it slowly. When she was almost out she looks at me over her shoulder. "Oh and make sure to zone out those barbarians. Their language is not suitable, it's too vulgar."

I nodded." Yes mother."

She leaves and I fall back on the bed with a sigh. I could still hear Haiden and his mom arguing. Their voices had not once lowered. It was like they did not care or acknowledge that they had neighbors. I huffed moving off my bed and walked over to the window.

I was careful to stay at the sides, not wanting them to see my prying eyes. I lean my shoulder on the wall and looked out of the window. Haiden and his mother stood on their lawn, a couple of feet away from their front porch.

Mrs. Cross looked frustrated while she argued. The way she flew her hands out in exaggeration was almost laughable. Though I couldn't see Haiden's face, I could tell he was just as frustrated, even more perhaps.

His black shirt fit him tightly and showed off his taut muscular back and his brown hair was a mess of loose curls, no doubt being tugged frequently. From what I could tell he was stiff as a board, like someone waiting for the right moment to strike.

Just for Mrs. Cross's sake and kind of mine, I really prayed he would not do anything he'd regret later on. I'd sure hate to be a witness, not when I look like a deer caught in headlights when faced with a camera commanding for my attention.

But it appears that God was on my side today because Haiden turns around and storms towards the house.  Surprisingly his long strides getting him closer towards the door rather quickly, a couple more strides and he would enter and disappear from my sight.

"Haiden don't you dare walk away from me! I am not done with you!" Mrs. Cross yelled.

"Well I am fucking done with you!" He hisses back and as if feeling my eyes on him, he takes this moment to lift his eyes to where I had been peeking.

I gasp, my eyes widening as I ducked. Bonk. My head hits the white wooden window seat. I hissed lifting my fingers to massage the slight throb. Hopefully he hadn't noticed me.