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Blood Shades

Blood Shades



Leera wasn't one to be messed with. She's feisty, sarcastic, holds a short temper and has a 'take no prisoners' attitude.Not only that but she has suffered an awful past with things shed rather forget than relive. When her birthday comes and she's forced to have her blood taken, so she could meet her match- the one person who as the same blood colour as her. It was one thing she would have taken out of her life, and he's none the than Blake Wilson, the Alpha to the Full Moon pack. With runaways, scream-fests and clothe dramas, will the one thing Leera's been dreading come back? will she relive her past again?
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Leera's POV

I am a shifter.

In seven days, it will be my blood color check day.

When a shifter becomes an adult, he or she will begin to receive blood samples for matching. Blood, of course, not just for the sake of finding a mate.

After all, you can see the color of the blood when you draw it, and for the shifter, the darker the blood, the better.

Some parents were so eager to find out their child's fate, that they had private doctors go and take their child's blood, and in some cases the higher—class parents got rid of their babies if their blood colour wasn't dark enough.

Supposedly it was a disgrace to have someone in your family who was from a lower class.

I don't want a mate, but most girls want to find their mate soon. I just want to know the color of blood, so I have to draw blood.

It was so important there was a name for the day— Par Ordo Lux.

But I'm and orphan— or was, I'm 18 now, so I'm a legal adult.

Luckily for me I had no—one to try and take my blood from a younger age.

No—one knew my parents; they say I was just 'dropped off' at the front door to some stranger's house, with no name, just a silver chain necklace.

Fantastic, huh?

Looking out the window, I saw the postman drop something off in my letterbox, getting up;

I trudged to the old ornate door.

Taking steps by two, I finally reached the bottom level of the apartments, swinging the door open.

Gazing out on to the street, there were some kids playing in their yard in front of my apartment.

Jogging to the letter box, I saw the thin, pale yellow envelope peeping out of its slot.

Not bothering to unlock the letterbox, I grabbed the paper by its corner, and gave it a harsh tug; making the edges crease a little.

Oh well.

Managing to get out the letter, I made my way back to my apartment.

Sitting on my marble kitchen table, I turned the envelope to see who it was from.

'The Council of Shifters'

I knew exactly why I had received this letter.

How had I not noticed before, I mean, who sends a pale yellow envelope that looks like it was dated in the 1700's in 2013?!

Knowing that they would come to my door if I didn't turn up to the location.

I reluctantly opened the letter, wincing when I cut my finger on the harsh edges—but it quickly healed.

Being a shifter does have its many pros'. Sighing dramatically,

I unfolded the letter inside—

'Dear Miss Leera Kayla Evans'

We have written this letter to you to inform that it is time for your Par Odor Lux.

You must pack your belongings, and have them inside the main room of your house—please leave the door unlocked so our men will be able to bring your belongings to your future pack and mate with ease.

Don't worry about furniture or food because your accommodation will serve everything you may need.

You must arrive at the 'House of Wolves'— 34 Kase rd, California by 12:00pm sharp on the 22nd of December 2013. You are allowed to arrive two days in advanced.

By the 30th of December, your place in society would have been made, and you will be sent to your pack and mate.

Make sure you bring a suitcase for spare clothes and extra necessities, you belongings will be sent to your mate as soon as we find out your blood colour.

Good luck for the future, and may you live a happy life with your mate.

Kind regards

The Shifter Council

5863 2954

Looking back at the piece of paper, they didn't mention what would happen if you didn't turn up, would I be disqualified or something?

I hoped so.

Turning the letter over, there was a small print on the back.

Leaning over slightly to have a better look.

'If you don't turn up on the correct date and time, we will assume you don't want to come.

So by then our men will have been sent to your address, and will forcefully bring you to California.

So make sure you turn up on time'

Looks like they didn't want anyone to see that part of the letter, otherwise they would have put it with the rest of the letter.

Flopping onto my bed, I contemplated running away— they would just hunt you down— a small voice in my head said.

It was right though, the council had the best of the best trackers in the shifter society, and they could find you even if you left five years ago.

Getting up I decided I should probably start packing, everyone in my neighbourhood was a shifter, humans were long gone.

Shuffling through my wardrobe, I grumbled to myself about how unfair this was— why couldn't the man move in with the girl.

Not the other way around.

I didn't even know where I was going to live.

For all I knew, I could end up in the desert, surrounded by cactuses.

Wouldn't that be nice?

Taking a deep breath, I heaved out my suitcase, and chucked random clothes in it, leaving enough room for toiletries and spare money.

Picking up the rest of my clothes, and dropping them into boxes, I'll sought through them when I get to my new pack.

Grabbing random utensils, and hunting equipment, I placed them carefully into another box filled with polystyle foam peanuts.

I hadn't shifted into my wolf yet, when my mate bits my neck— or 'marks' me— then about an hour later I'll shift.

Looking around my empty apartment, I realised I had been so caught up with my thoughts that I had virtually packed everything.

Twisting my necklace in my hand, I frowned at the thought of leaving this place.

I had nothing to do.

Walking towards my red painted room, I tucked myself under the covers of my bed, hoping to get some sleep.

Cracking one of my eyes open, it looked to be around 9 in the morning, what the...

I fell asleep at around 4pm yesterday.

I usually didnt sleep for more then ten hours straight.

I pursed my lips together in frustration at the extremly empty room, my eyes were still half open from just waking up, but it was bloody annoying knowing that you had to move and literally destroy everything you've worked for in just a second.

The aeroplane ticket was sitting on my night stand, reminding me of what was to come.

Sort of like a reminder of your worst nightmare, only, that it wasn't my worst.