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Her Slaves

Her Slaves

Author:Elise Robie


I stucked into the dangerous abyss of temptation created by my billionaire boss, I couldn't help but became addicted.I became master of lust.What is under my mysterious veil and what makes them surrender under my skirt?
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My name is Judy, good looking ,good figure, but still a virgin.

Like so many other girls, I was honored to pass the interview of Fashionable advertisement company, and successfully become an intern advertisement manager. Fashionable is well—known group world wide , not only with a strong financial background but a place everyone desires to go in.

On my 18th birthday, I received a pack of gift from my boyfriend Philp. Under the fervently envious eyes of my colleagues, I signed for this with a blushing face.

Philip is the kind of handsome guy, you could use every beautiful word to describe.He kept appearing in front of my eyes, making all kinds of surprises for me. He once lit candles outside my college dormitory to form a heart shape with my name,the whole playground was glowed with red heart—shape candles. he stood in the center, played the guitar, and confessed to me.

All my friends envied me, especially my best friend Bella. She always told me that how she admired me for having such a good boyfriend.

I sat back in my seat, quietly fished out a note hidden in the box. I was surprised to find a hotel room card. I read the note carefully.

"Judy, let's have a naked party of us at love hotel tonight. Love you, Phillip. "

God, what is he doing! I folded the card in a hurry. Fortunately, none of my colleagues saw it.

The content was too pornographic. However, Philp always said that I was too conservative in my clothes. Should I change myself?

I opened the drawer, which contained the sexy bra I had just bought from the webstore. Maybe I should be brave enough and show myself in front of him. It must be a wonderful time tonight.

I took this away and rushed home to take a bath and make—up.

I arrived at Love hotel as scheduled. I tried to ease my excitement and took a deep breath. After inserted the room card, I gently pushed the door open.

The room was bathing under the dim light of crystal chandelier, how romantic.

I imagined that Philp would hug me, hold me in his arms, gently stroked me, complementing me how amazing I was tonight.

A faint voice of moaning came out of the bedroom.

I went to the bedroom and gently pushed the door open! I can't believe my eyes!!!A cold wave shivered down my spine.

Two naked bodies intertwined on the bed in the bedroom.

The woman lying on the bed is my good friend Bella!! And my boyfriend!

For a moment, I deadpanned,feeling like I was dreaming and my mind was collapsing.

I didn't notice Bella's triumphant smile when she landed her peeks on me.

"Why did you accept my invitation today? Don't you like Judy? "

A painful lump rose on my throat.

The fingers of Phillip fiddled the woman's soft skin, "If I knew she was so dull and conservative, I wouldn't even engage with her. How would I miss someone who is as spicy as you."

I cried in silence. How could he insult me like that? I want everyone to know how shameless they are!

I took out my mobile phone, pressed the video button, put the camera into the crack of the door, and zoomed at them.

Their moans are getting louder.

I rushed in and barked all my anger out on Philp.

Philp was startled. He quickly got up from Bella and pulled the quilt to cover his naked body.

Philp huffed at me in a panic,

“Judy?How did you get in? How could you bark into the room without my permission.”

I looked at the man I had loved, and then I burst out a loud laugh.

He was shameless.

"You don't have to explain that to me. We've done."

Philip's POV

I was astonished when I saw Judy.

How could she be here.

"You want to break up with me? No, it is me who dumped you. "

I regretted that I didn't ask Judy to have sex earlier. Although the woman was boring, she was in good shape and good—looking. It was a pity that I didn't get her virgin.

She must be cool.

"You ……You are such an ass!” she pissed off.

"So what?" I didn't mind anymore. I opened the quilt and put on my clothes.

She was just one of the girls who dreamed to crawl on my bed.

I never lacked that kind of girl.

Judy's POV

Bella, who was nearby, didn't seem to be astonished by my sudden intrusion. She showed off her beautiful naked body in front of me, and even smirked with a glint of delight,

"Hi, Judy, do you still like the present I sent you?"

I was so angry that I couldn't believe my best friend would treat me like this, and even laugh when I found out!