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Riley Wilson was sold to an old pervert for 1 night stand by her beloved ones ... After her escape she got a mysterious person not a human not an animal... At home she found she was not someone who she thinks and got kicked out same night... Now she needs to find her real identity and real home..
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Riley's P. O. V.

"Riley ,i told you to clean my white dress. Have you done that??" Sarah came to the kitchen and asked me with a annoyed expression.

"Yeah, Sarah it's on your wardrobe.. First shell" i spoke while chopping veggies.

"Whatever" Sarah rolled her eyes and turned to leave.

She is my younger sister a year younger than me. She is queen of the house. At least she thinks this way.

"Isn't the cooking done yet. Why are you so slow. Are you planning to starve us to death" cames my mom's angry voice "Here take these files to this address after cooking " with that she put down a file and a paper

"But mom i have to study for tomorrow's test" i told her

"Your father has a crash on his business. Now that he is poor you don't want to help him out? " mom was furious. "He has a important client meeting in this hotel and he forget the file. What if he loses this contract . Get the food ready and go there"

I wanted to protest but she was right my father recently had crash on his business and i needs to help him if I can right? Thinking this i said okay .

After 10 minutes dinner was ready. So i picked up the file looked at the adress there was a name written 'Hotel paradise ' room no 302 . I have seen this hotel before but i have never been there . it was half and hour drive from here . I looked at the watch it was only 7.30 so i can came till 9 if it takes the most. And i can still have time to prepare for my test tomorrow."Its better if I go" I thought to myself..

"Are you going to make others think we don't give you money to buy clothes?? "When i was about to leave mom angrily retorts behind me.

" wear this" she threw a cloth on me.

It was a v necked red dress it was a bit short and revealing. I never wore this kindof clothes. I wanted to say no..i hesitated for a while but it was my mom i don't wanna hurt or anger her so at the end i put on the clothes and leave the house.


After half an hour later i was in front of hotel paradise. I went inside. Hotel paradise is the one of the famous and luxurious hotel in A city.

I went inside and asked a waiter about room 302 .The waiter looked at me like a boy seeing a toy he carved. This cloth was attracting attention. This is why i hate this kind of clothes. The waiter gulped and showed the way.

After reaching the room i knocked the door . To my surprise the door wasnt locked i went inside. As i entered the room , the room was quiet and dark inside. No one was here. I called dad for few times but there was no response. I thought i got in a wrong room so i went to the door. When i was about to touch the handle someone grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a strong arm. I can smell alcohol and from the touch it surely was a man.

"Let me go" i tried to break free from the man. But maybe i wasn't strong enough..

The man didn't spoke but laughed hysterically...

I was scared to death. I was on a verge of crying . I barely manage to say" you got the the wrong person. I accidentally came in wrong room. Please let me go"

Listening to my plea he stopped for a while and asked her with lustful voice. "Aren't you Riley? "

"yes i am. How do you know?? And I'm not the person who you think " i said with a little hope.

"Riley then tell me why are you here? " he asked with a smirk.

"Mom send me here to deliver these files to dad" i said shaking " i think I got in a wrong room "

"Is your mom Amanda Winston?? "

"How do you know my mom?? " i turned to face him.

I knew him. He was Thomas white. He was a well known playboy in A city. He is about 50 year rich pervert . He is always around young and beautiful girls. I was scared just seeing him here.

"You know what young lady" he pushed me on the sofa .

I was

scared and curious at the same time

He said " i think you should know this"

He stopped midway..

"what are you talking about? " he knew my mom and this suspence what was it supposed to mean.

"you father has recently crashed his business. Right?? "

"so?? "

"we had a deal, i give her money she will get me her daughter for 1 night. Don't you think its a great deal. You'll enjoy beauty, i promise " with that he pounded on me. He grabbed my both hands and get on the top of me me.

"we?? Who?? "i tried to push him away. Who could hate me that much to sold me??

"Your mom girl, she sold you to me for 1 million " he was forcing himself on me.

I have never been to something like this before. I was so scared. I tried to free myself but i was weak.. Or maybe too scared but i can't break free his hands.

" no you are lying. Mom won't do this to me" I was shouted to him.

"Then how do you think i know you and your mom??

"And he covered my mouth with his right hand while grabbing my both hands with his left.

Right. How did he know us. My head was on a mess. I want to shout for help but he had covered my mouth ..

No way Riley you can't loose your self to this old pervert. You beed to run away now.

"Ahh" i kicked between in between his legs. He screamed in pain.

I tooked the opportunity and pushed him away i got up tried to run away.

I was running towards the door but that old man came forward and lean on the door.

"you think you can run away after kicking my balls. I will made you pay bitch" with that he slapped me . I feel dizzy and fell on the cold floor.

"i have paid for you .you can't ran. You will pay for everything bitch" he tore down my dress now I was almost naked .

Now i was almost naked on the cold floor with this old pervert... about to be raped. I thought to myself.

No... I can't be raped. No. Never.

His hands was about to touch me. I searched for something to hit him . On tha table there was a vase i stumble forward and grab it. With a smash i hit him on his head. He screamed in pain but I don't care about it.

I hold my tored dress and tried to cover my nakedness. I opened the door and ran.

On the way outward i can feel people's gazes on me but I didn't care about the people. I was so scared so embarrassed i just want to ran away and so did i. I ran to the parking lot sit on the car and drove away.

I don't know where i was going . My vision were already blur from crying. That old pervert's voice was still ringing in my head "we had a deal, i give her money she will get me her daughter for 1 night. Don't you think it's a great deal?? You'll enjoy beauty i promise "

My head was on a mess i don't wanna go home but I was scared to be alone outside. I don't even know where was i going . I stopped the car and began to cry.