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Let's Kill The Killers

Let's Kill The Killers



Life is so simple especially Nayumi Litaverde's life with her family. Years with them is like a smooth-sailing and a roller coaster ride combined. Then things went complicated. . . when her family was involved in a massacre and even Nayumi was almost killed by a bullet. It's good that a private investigator and a police came over and helped her. The two of them told the media that all of the family members died even though Nayumi Litaverde's still breathing. They have a hunch that the killers will seek for a way to kill Nayumi when they found out she's still alive. They think that Nayumi could help them to push their rankings up and once everybody will know about their heroic decisions, they will be honored. But. . . Nayumi, the survivor of the Litaverde's massacre, thinks for justice for her own family. What could she do, knowing that she have that urge for revenge inside her burning heart?
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Heavy traffic. Cars filled the road up. Hot air around. Sweaty foreheads. A busy city.

It's already 5:04 in the afternoon. Nayumi was already walking down the street while having her phone on her hand. She was busy scrolling on it, looking for a vacant taxi coming. But there's none.

How could the taxi come on her way if the traffic wasn't moving at all?

She stopped from walking and gritted her teeth. Nayumi stomped her feet and groaned frustratedly. She felt the sweat gliding down from her temple so she wipped it off.

It was really a busy day for her. She looked around and saw men and women busy with their stuffs also.

She felt proud for her city while looking around. That's why the city was growing fast because of these workaholic men and women.

Yet that proud feeling in her inside didn't put a smile on her face because she was still thinking that she was late.

She stomped her feet again and wanted to scream but she just stopped herself from doing it.

She looked at her phone again and saw no taxi coming. It's already 5:10 in the afternoon. She must arrive at the restaurant at 5:20 then it will be an embarrassment for her since she's the one who invited him on a date.

Somewhere far from Nayumi, the unknown was staring at her, wearing that strange smile on his lips. He thought that it's been years since the last time he saw her yet the beauty of Nayumi was still immeasurable. He wanted to approach her but he knew it's not the appropriate time to let her know that he's now free. Free from the jail.

He got jailed because he killed someone for his convenience. He might be the unknown for now, yet if he would have a chance to show up, Nayumi would definitely recognize him.

Nayumi suddenly heard a beep from her phone and she opened it immediately. She got a text from Chad, her boyfriend.

"Where are you now, tiger?" Chad texted.

She immediately replied back. "Still on the street. No taxi."

She closed her phone and felt her patience going to die. She just gritted her teeth again because of annoyance and inconvenience. A text came again and she guessed it was from Chad.

Out from nowhere, a snatcher came and ran forward to grab Nayumi's phone.

The unknown who was watching from afar gaped at the sudden scenario and froze on his place.

Nayumi screamed at the snatcher and followed him. "Crap! Why so unlucky!" she shouted.

Even though it's dangerous, she still followed the snatcher. She won't be a private investigator for nothing. She must stand up for her position.

Being an investigator listed at the top of the list was not easy for her but since she got the honor already, she must show it now.

She won't be a private investigator for nothing.

Nayumi fastened her pace until she could grab the snatcher's collar or arm. She extended her arm and pulled the snatcher's shirt. The snatcher screamed until he was caught by Nayumi's strong grip.

Nayumi immediately pushed the snatcher on the ground and started punching the boy on the face.

He was a teenager and all he could do was snatching? Nayumi thought disgustedly. She continued hitting the teenager boy, but not too hard.

It was a move to teach the boy a lesson.

"Darn you!" she screamed at the boy's face. "Because of you, I am going to be late literally!"

Because of annoyance, she didn't care if there are people watching them now. She didn't even bothered if someone was taking a video of her, hitting the boy.

She stopped and pinned the boy on the ground. She gritted her teeth and glared at him.

"You should learn your lesson!" she raised her voice. "You're still young but you chose—"

She was about to hit the boy on the ground again when someone stopped her from doing it. Someone held her hand that made her look up. She frowned and stood up when she noticed the polices around them.

She faced the man who stopped her arm from hitting the boy. She snaked her arms altogether and glared at the man with bitterness. "Who the hell are you?" she asked indecently. She slightly watched the polices who was holding the teenager right now.

The man scoffed as he looked around. She noticed that she was wearing a turtleneck and a long brown coat. He slipped his hand inside his coat while looking at Nayumi seriously. He grabbed out something from inside and put it in front Nayumi's face, almost letting her kiss that object.

"Fustine Trevafalco," he said with a cool aura and raised a brow arrogantly. "A private investigator." He pushed his ID even closer to Nayumi' face.

Because of the great annoyance, Nayumi slapped the hand of that man away.

"Is that necessary to do?" Nayumi asked, mirroring his aura also. She also showed her ID, pushing it close to the man's face. "Nayumi Litaverde, a private investigator and once listed at the top as the best homicide investigator," she declared.

Fustine raised his brow again at her. "Uh-huh? So, you're now a private investigator," he countered. "You quit as the BEST HOMICIDE INVESTIGATOR? That's bad," he said, emphasizing the position. He even roared in laughter that is full of sarcasm.

Nayumi gritted her teeth and glared at him. "If you didn't have a good thing to say, give me the way and I'm going out," Nayumi babbled.

"Oh, oh," Fustine raised his hand, stopping Nayumi from walling away. "Wait a minute, why did you slap the kid?" he asked.

"Why do you care?"

Fustine glared at her. Nayumi wanted to laugh out because of his look. Knowing that Fustine has hooded small eyes and showing off his glare, he looked like he was going to kill. He looked like an Asian. A Korean or a Japanese more like.

"Let's stop this babbling, I would like to ask you question," he said and took a deep breath to ease his annoyance.

"Wanna stop the babble but still asking a question, where's your—"


Nayumi stared at him. "You know, it's fine if you're going to ignore some people's business. I didn't hire you for this case, haven't you realize? So, you're out of it. Know your position, you're just a private investigator. Besides, if you're going to ask me a question. ." Nayumi's voice trailed off and she touched her nape. "Uh, I just lost something, Mr. Private Investigator. It's my. . care about your question. Can you please find it for me?"

Fustine tilted his head on the other side slightly. He scoffed again and scratched the side of his brow. "Oh, crap. How can I find it if I have this small narrowed eyes huh?" he teased her even more. "Teach me how."

Nayumi glared at him even more and gritted her teeth again.

Fustine wanted to laugh at her face but he stayed on his cool aura. He put his hands back in his pockets again and grinned at Nayumi sarcastically.

"Give me the way!" she shouted and raised her hand. "I'm leaving."

Fustine shrugged his shoulder off and nodded. He went out from her way and smiled. He looked at his shoes and saw a phone right beside his feet. He frowned and picked it up.

Fustine immediately figured out that it was owned by that Nayumi, the hardheaded lady. He called her out. "Hey, you left this."

Nayumi looked back, still frowning. She realised that she forgot her phone, she hurriedly grabbed it from Fustine's hand and left.

Fustine frowned and scoffed again. "She didn't know how to say thank you?" he muttered bitterly and turned to leave the place.

Nayumi opened her phone again. It's already 5:46 in that very afternoon.

"Damn that snatcher and arrogant private investigator," she mumbled. "I'm late. Very late!"

She got nine text messages from Chad. She sighed as she read it all.

"Where are you now?"

"It's already five twenty-five."

"I'm worried, where are you?"

"Reply, please."

"Tell me your location. I'm going."


And so forth. Nayumi subscribed to a promo so she can call Chad. When she was done subscribing, she called him in just a snap.

Two rings and he answered.

"Nayumi? Where are you? Are you fine? Holy thing, why are you calling this late? I'm waiting since—"

"Something happened, Chad," she informed him. "Some crack head snatched my phone."

"What? Are you okay now? Are you hurt?" he threw questions because he was nervous and worried. "Where are you? Tell me."

"I'm fine. I'm going there," she said. "I'm so sorry, Chad. I'm very late. Can you still wait there for me?" she asked.

"No, no," Chad muttered. "I'm going there, baby. Just wait for me. Where are you now?"

She told him about her location. "Look, I'm so sorry."

"Nah, it's okay," he replied. "You're my girlfriend okay? I can adjust for you, keep that in mind."


They ended the conversation and Nayumi decided to wait infront of a small store. She just watched the goers passing by while waiting.

The unknown stopped walking and hid himself as he stared at Nayumi from his place.

"Such a goddess," he mumbled. "I missed you so much, love. Let's see each other soon."