Author:Blossom Harold

Erotica | Finished

After being caught up in an accident that was meant for her lover, Lorenzo Silver, who happened to be the heir of the most powerful and feared Mafia family in italy. Maria Abrams loses her memory and forgets all about Lorenzo. In order to keep her safe, Lorenzo let's her go so she won't get caught in his drama. But what happens when Maria keeps seeing herself, standing in front of a particular SILVER'S Enterprise in her dreams? What happens when they meet again and Rose becomes his personal assistant? Will he succumb to his love for her or will he let her go again? Remember, the enemies lurk in the shadows.
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As soon as he heard the news, he hopped in his car and drove like a mad man straight to the hospital. As soon as he got there, he didn't even wait to park the car before jumping out, he ran towards the nurse at the front desk.

“Where is she??!!!" He yelled out loud. The nurse looked at him with panic in her eyes.

“Sir, I don't know who you are looking for" She said hurriedly. He was about to yell again when his best friend, Alex, ran towards him.

“Lorenzo" He called out to him. Lorenzo turned to him.

“Where is she??... what in God's name happened??" He shook Alex's shoulder as he spoke.

“They Got to her first, By the time I got there she...." Alex suddenly stopped talking and looked at Lorenzo with Pity.

“She what?" Lorenzo gritted his teeth at Alex.

“She was lying in a pool of blood...a.. apparently...they...they smashed her head with a brick" Alex stuttered. Lorenzo looked absolutely lifeless. His eyes widened in shock and disbelief.

“She's in the surgery room right now" It was getting hard for Lorenzo to breath, he shook his head frantically.

“This is all my fault" Tears streamed down from his eyes. Alex held his shoulders.

“It was inevitable" Lorenzo glared at him.

“No it wasn't.... If she wasn't with me, this wouldn't have happened" Lorenzo tugged hard at his hair, for the first time in years he felt like his life was coming to an end. He turned back to Alex.

“Did the doctor say anything to you?" He asked softly. Alex sighed.

“He didn't say anything, he was pretty much in a hurry but his face didn't look so good" Alex looked at him with pity.

“What?" His voice cracked as he whispered to Alex. Alex hated seeing him like this, it was not a sight he wanted to see again. Just then, her parents came rushing down towards them.

“Where is Maria?How is she??" Her mother, Michelle asked while crying. Her father, Nikolas, looked furious while staring at Lorenzo.

“I told her she was going to get in trouble by being with you one of these days, but she never listened, now look what happened" Nickolas said furiously as he hugged his wife as she cried. Lorenzo looked at them solemnly, he didn't have the strength to answer them right now. Alex knew this and decided to speak on his behalf.

“She's in surgery right now" Michelle turned to him and stared at him with wide eyes.

“" She stuttered. Alex slowly nodded. Before any of them could do anything, the doctor walked out of the surgery room. They all rushed towards him.

“Doctor! How did the surgery go?" Her father asked hurriedly. The doctor sighed.

“It went good" they all looked at him in confusion.

Then why do you sound like that?" Michelle asked. He sighed again.

“Well I can only determine if the surgery was successful if she wakes up very soon, please excuse" He walked away.

“What do you mean by if?" Lorenzo almost ran after him but Alex held him down. He led him towards a chair and they both sat down followed by Michelle and Nikolas.

After two hours, Lorenzo was getting restless. It was like with every passing moment, he was forgetting how to breathe.

“Why don't you take a walk outside to clear your mind, hmm?" Alex suggested. Lorenzo wanted to decline but he knew he needed an alone time for now, so he stood up and left. As soon as he left, a nurse from inside the room Maria was in, came out. Everyone stood up and walked towards her.

“Is she alright?" Michelle asked the nurse. The nurse nodded.

“She's awake, you can all see her for now" Nikolas and Michelle quickly ran inside while Alex contemplated on whether he should go get Lorenzo or just see for himself whether she was better or not. He decided to do the latter and went inside. As soon as he got inside, he saw her hugging her crying mother. The sound of the door locking brought her attention to him. She looked at him in confusion.

“Maria, are you alright?" He asked softly. She tilted her head to the side.

“Who are you?" Alex froze. Her parents turned to her in shock. She looked back at them with confusion.

“Who is he, mother?" Michelle was about to talk when Alex cut in.

“No one, just someone that lives close to you, I'll be leaving now, goodbye" He hurriedly said and left the room. As soon as he closed the door behind him, he saw Lorenzo running towards him.

“Has she woken up?" He asked Alex with wide eyes. Alex nodded. Lorenzo smiled brightly and was about to side step him when Alex held his hand.

“She has amnesia," Lorenzo froze. He saw his entire world come crumbling down right before his eyes. He turned to Alex.

“She seemed to have forgotten all about us but somehow she remembered her parents" Alex said thoughtfully. Alex looked up to the ceiling before looking back at Alex.

“I... I think it's better she forgot about me, now she can live a normal life" Lorenzo said softly. With every word he uttered, his breath became heavier. Alex landed his palm on his shoulder, he too had thought it was for the best.

“But... I still want to see her one last time at least" Lorenzo looked at Alex hopefully.

“Make it happen," He added. Alex nodded at him. They waited outside for around an hour before her parents came out. As soon as Nikolas saw him, he was about to yell at him when Michelle held him back. She turned to Lorenzo.

“We told the doctor what happened and he said she has selective amnesia” She said with pity towards him, she knew how much her daughter loved Lorenzo and how much he did too.

“You can see her now, she's already asleep" Lorenzo stared at her with wide eyes before quickly walking into the room.

He ran towards the bed, bent down and held her palm. He stared at her head that was wrapped with a bandage with anger. He didn't even notice he had started crying. He kissed her palm, then her forehead.

“I'll always remember you, I'll always love you. I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise of staying with you forever but I think this Is for the best” He kissed her lips this time around.

“Take care my love" He stood up and was about to walk away when her bracelet caught his attention. He took it off from her wrist and wore it.

“I'll take this to remember you by" He gazed at her lovingly for the last time before walking out of the room. Alex stood up as soon as he saw him, Lorenzo nodded at her parents before walking away towards the exit with Alex trying to keep up with his pace. As Soon As they entered the car, Alex turned to him.

“They've Got them" Lorenzo smiled emotionlessly.

“Good, tell them to kill them all and to leave the one who hurt her for me. Death would be too lenient for him" Lorenzo said as he started the car. Alex nodded at him.

“Copy that" And they drove away.

Another hour had passed before Mia woke up. She looked around and saw her mother sleeping by her side, she tapped her back.

“Mother," She said tiredly. Michelle raised up her head quickly and stared at her daughter with wide eyes.

“Why are you crying dear?" Michelle moved closer to her and rested her head on Mia's head.

“I don't know mother, I really don't know".....