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Living With Two Mafia Alphas

Living With Two Mafia Alphas



"I..I don't want trouble." I wielded the log tightly in my hand. "If you don't want trouble Kiana, get back to the house." He simply said in his calm tone of voice. How could I possibly live in that house, after I saw him and his men kill someone with his crazy sharp claws. "No." I shook my head, raising my voice at him. "No?" He spoke darkly, almost daring me to say 'no' again. "No! You want to hear that in Spanish? NOH! I'm not going back there!" I said defiantly, looking back at him with my heart pounding away in fear and courage. He flashed his eyes and grinned deviously. Oh no, what's he upto, and will I be able to survive his deadly ways? ... Kiana is in a bit of a pickle. Taken in by an old friends of Grandma's. Kiana discovers, dangerous secrets about her new guardian's family. She's living with his grandsons and although she has a crush on one of them, all her feelings get easily wiped out the minute she sees him murdering someone out in tbe barn, with his claws. Wolves! No, she was surrounded by the werewolf mafia. She wants to escape, but they won't let her. Not when one of the Alphas turn out to be her fated mate. Will Kiana fight the wolves who wish to protect her? Will she give in to her crazy lusty sells the minute one of them marks her? Or will she run? A new enemy is on the rise, and he'll do anything to get her. Thriller/Werewolf/Pack/Lovetriangle/Fatedmate/Enemiestolover/Survival/Action/Romance/BDSM/Passion/Steamy/Bodyguards/Lust/Attraction/Sassy/Action/Mafia/R18
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"You're kicking me out?! Mr Brior, where am I going to go?"

I lived at this small two-bedroom apartment with my grandmother ever since I was 5 years old. Now the greedy landlord was kicking me out.

"That's not my problem kid. Your grandma was a good cook for the tenants living here, and I can't afford you living here for free." The fat man in his late fifties said ruthlessly.

He was a heartless man and I'd seen him kick many tenants out, old and young when they couldn't pay up rent.

My grandmother was my everything.

"Now that she's gone someone's got to pay the rent and you're underage to even get a job, so you see my problem kid?" He reasoned making me sigh annoyed.

"Mr Brior, I'll be turning eighteen in a couple of weeks I promise to get a job!" I assured him, I could find a job I just needed some time, but this jerk wasn't a patient man.

"Here's the part where I don't care, now pack up by the end of this weekend or I'm calling social services on you kid!" He threatened then he slammed the door in my face and I groaned out annoyed. I was almost tempted to kick at his door out of frustration.

If I hadn't been on that school trip a week ago. I would have been able to spend more time with her.

Cancer, unfortunately, got to her, and I hated the fact that she hid that terrible illness from me. I jammed my hands inside my jacket pocket and soon pulled out a small black card.

'RoseMoon Enterprises Ray Bancini CEO.' It read in gold text.

[Flash back 2 weeks ago...]

During the funeral, most of the tenants that she cooked for showed up, and so did an old time friend I didn't even know she had.

"If there's anything I can do Kiana Malhotra, please don't be a stranger to call me."

He gave me a business card.

CEO of RoseMoon Enterprises.

Isn't that the famous group that runs hotels and restaurants all across the U.S.A?

I was stunned. Grandma knew a billionaire?!

"You knew my grandmother, sir?" I asked the old man who looked to be in his late eighties.

The old man in his dark brown suit smiled warmly with his grey wrinkly eyes.

"Your grandma saved my life fifty-seven years ago when I was a soldier in the war. She saved my life, and I vowed to return that favour. However your stubborn grandma never once asked for my help."

Grandma was always independent, she hated asking for favours from people.

I noted that the old man was not alone. Two bodyguards like men had accompanied him and stood behind him.

They were both tall, had a physique as if they belonged in the Marines or the US Army, and looked to be in their mid or late twenties.

The trio had a smart sophisticated look about them, like they all belonged to a rich aristocratic family.

Despite his old age, I sensed an unusual aura radiating from the old man and especially from his bodyguards, dressed in dark suits looking sharp.

Unusual aura?

I have powers or as my late grandmother said, 'gifts that were very rare in the family.'

I sort of had like a sixth sense.

I had special abilities to bring anything on the verge of death back to life, ten times stronger and healthier with the touch of my hand. I wanted to be a nurse or even a vet, but my grandmother, who had similar abilities to mine, forbade it. She said there were bad people out there hunting for our kind and she was strict on me keeping my powers a secret.

Of course there were occasions were I couldn't keep my powers locked all the time, due to the terrible headaches I suffered from, I would have to exercise my powers privately when no one was around.

I couldn't help but notice one of his bodyguards that were constantly scanning around the area seemed rather attractive. Even old ladies who had attended my grandma's funeral were taken by their beauty.

As for me, I couldn't help but notice one of his guards curiously staring at me, from the corner of my eye.

When he looked down at me with his dark hazel eyes, he had a hint of red in them. I immediately blushed and looked away, keeping my eyes trained on the old man, who went down memory lane as to how he met my grandma during the war and how he'd tried many times to woe her, but failed at stealing her heart.

Even so.

How could I trust this old man? After all, he was still a stranger.

"I don't mean to be rude, but Grandma never mentioned you once to me before Mr Ray Bancini? "

The old man shared a little hearty laugh, and looking closely I noticed that he had the strangest greyish/a hint of purple eyes i'd ever seen.

Special contacts perhaps?

"Perhaps she forgot about me? But I never once forgot about her."

He spoke in a warm nostalgic way, almost making me feel like he was in love with her or something.

He pulled out an old photo of the two of them, where she used to be a nurse. They were both seen sharing a smile and him having a friendly arm around her.

I was blown away by how both of them looked so beautiful not to mention picture-perfect.

Ok, so perhaps the old rich dude, wasn't lying after all. He did know Grandma.

"Wow, you guys look so young here!" I said smiling at the picture of my grandma in her youthful days, warmed my heart.

"Yes, she was quite the catch, unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough to win her heart." He sighed.

I know Grandma ended up marrying Grandpa who was also a soldier after the war, and sadly he died in a horrific car accident with my parents, when I was 5. She took me in and taught me everything she knew once my powers kicked in at the age of eight. I'd learnt a lot from my grandma how to control my powers and how to also keep them hidden strictly.

Suddenly, the one with the beautiful green/silver eyes spoke something into his ear. He'd been non-stop keeping a strict lookout, surveillance his surroundings in a discreet silent manner.

The old man then looked at the man strictly, without saying a word and then shortly sighed, turning his attention to me.

"I'm afraid duty calls. It was nice meeting you dear." He shook my hand. But just as he did so, I got a strange odd vibe from him.

"Here keep this picture and please don't be a stranger to call me Kiana, if you need anything, at all." He reminded.

"Oh? Thank you sir, but I'll be f..." I was just about to return it to him but it looked like he seemed in quite a hurry to get away from here, especially with his guards darting their eyes around the place everywhere like they sensed some kind of danger.

He then returned to his car and went away.

[End of flashback]

It was the end of the week, and time was running out for me.

I couldn't quite stay at my friend's house, since she lived in a big family that took up most of the three rooms in the house.

With Mr Brior already advertising my place for rent, clients had started coming in to see the place, which secretly enraged me.

But I couldn't say anything to him since he had the power to call social security on me.

I didn't wish to be taken in by foster carers and I'd need to wait a few more months before I could inherit my grandma's life savings she'd left for me.

So I pulled out the old man's card once more from my pocket.

He did ask me to call him if I needed anything. Besides, there was no harm in asking for help since he used to know Grandma.

"RoseMoon Enterprises Bancini's office, how may I help?" A male voice answered.

"Good evening, sir, may I please speak with Mr Ray Bancini?"

"He's currently out hunting." The guy said surprising me.


Why was that horrible sport still legal in the States? I'll never understand.

"Do you have an appointment with him?" the man on the phone asked. I could hear him tapping on something that sounded like a keyboard.

"Oh, umm no, actually he came by two weeks ago to my grandma's funeral the other day?"

"Ah, yes I remember now. You're Miss Kiana Malhotra?"

I was surprised when he said that.

"Yes? Umm, sorry do you know me sir?"

A short chuckle escaped his lips.

"I was with Mr Bancini when he came to see you the other day. Apologies, I didn't have time to introduce myself, since we were making sure the area was safe for him to visit."

"You're one of his bodyguards?" I recalled it but had no idea which one.

"And one of his finance secretaries, my name is Jason Cortez and the other guy that accompanied him was Matteo Norrona his second bodyguard."

"Oh, so umm who was the one with the beautiful dark hazel eyes?"

"Excuse me?" He asked surprised by the choice of words.

What the hell?! Why would you say something out of the blue to a stranger like that?

"I..I I meant to just say dark hazel eyes, sorry I didn't mean to say beautiful like a creep because I'm not!" I slapped my silly mouth, a little flustered that I suddenly said that.

He chuckled deeply over the line amused.

"Hmm ok, the one with the beautiful dark hazel eyes as you said earlier would be me."

Well, damn I just got butterflies in my belly and awkwardly laughed.

"Oh?" Of course, it is! My heart fluttered suddenly in my chest like I was talking to my sudden crush!

"Oh?" He replied almost like he was teasing me. Which made my blush deepen more.

"Umm...not to sound like a creep or anything, but you have pretty eyes sir." I nervously laughed slapping my mouth to shut up, before I died of embarrassment. I really should have cut the call by now due to the sudden butterflies in my stomach.

That is the worst pickup line EVER! Who the hell even says that?!

"Thank you sweet cheeks, I'll take that as a compliment. Now would you like me to arrange that appointment for you, he'll be available in the next three days, according to my schedule?"

Did he just call me sweet cheeks?

Aww. Why do I like that?

Because you're a stupid teenage girl that easily falls for cute, hot guys!

Stop this is no time to be crushing on someone!

"3 days?" I exclaimed, no doubt surprising him, with my sudden panicked voice.

"Is something the matter Kiana?"

Yeah! I'm about to get kicked out by my landlord anytime soon.

"Umm...Nah, everything is fine Jason."  I lied through my teeth.

A short banging on my door came through, followed by the voice of my angry landlord bellowed.

"Kiana! This is your last warning; you have 1-hour kid! I'm not playing! I'll call social services in the next hour if you're not out of here!" The banging on the door continued.

"Kiana who is that?" Jason asked, in a strictly concerned tone.

More loud banging on the door continued.

"I know you're in there kid! Don't ignore me you lousy brat!" Mr Brior shouted.

"Is someone bothering you, Kiana?" Jason asked, standing up from his chair.

"Umm, I have to go." I gasped in fright scared he'd break the door down, there was no way in hell I was going with the bad corrupt social security system in town.

Rumours were flying in school that if no one came to adopt you, they'd sell you off into human trafficking. This would make you a modern slave or a prostitute.

Worst of all, they'd kill you for your organs. I'm pretty sure one of the kids escaped and broke the news on the local news channel two months ago that he was sold to a dodgy surgeon who almost took out one of his kidneys.

There was no way in hell anyone would adopt a seventeen-year-old girl who was almost turning eighteen in a couple of months, and I was not going to let those douchebags sell me.

"Sorry to trouble you Jason but forget I called."

"Kiana wait!"

I quickly cut the call and didn't pick up the phone as I started packing the rest of my belongings, whilst wiping away my tears.

What was I thinking, calling Mr Ray Bancini up? He was still a stranger to me.

Sure Grandma and him used to be friends, but never once had she mentioned him before, which was kind of odd.


I didn't like the aura that they carried.

It sounded ridiculous, but I could have sworn they had energy like a dangerous wild animal about them.

With one last look at my home, I opened the balcony door and escaped through the fire escape.