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The Mafia King’s Possession

The Mafia King’s Possession

Author:Cara Melo


I was so close, so close to coming when a knock on the door interrupted us. Emilio got up and licked his lips just as the door opened. "Boss we have" Luca started only to stop midsentence when he saw me sprawled out on the desk naked. "I'm uh, I'm gonna go and let you guys finish up in here." Luca said exiting as quickly as he had entered. Well shit. ... Layla Smith was alone in this world. Her mother died when she was 16 and having no father around, Layla had to drop out of high school to work and take care of herself, since she had no other family left. Now at the age of 21, she was barely making ends meet with her job as a waitress. Emilio Moretti, at the age of 26 was feared by all. He left nothing but chaos and destruction in his wake. He was a very cold and ruthless man, but what else could you expect from the most notorious mafia boss. What happens when Layla witnesses something she shouldn't have? Emilio is now left to choose whether she lives or die. Will she make it out alive or will Emilio succumb to his ruthless nature and do what he does best. Kill.
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  Layla’s POV

  "You're late," my boss snapped as soon as I step inside the changing room. All heads shot to my direction, causing me to look down in embarrassment.

  "I'm sorry, I-" I was cut off when my boss told us to hurry and get to our designated stations. He stormed out of the changing room, muttering under his breath. I took a look around the room and realize that everyone was shuffling about, whether to put on their uniforms or rushing to their stations. I snap out of my daze and quickly change into my uniform.

  I rushed to the main area of the restaurant that I work at so that I could start taking orders. I have been rushing about taking orders and serving the customers. I was now halfway through my shift and was returning to the kitchen when I felt someone grope my butt.

  I spun around and slapped the culprit across the face. He stood to his feet immediately with a murderous look on his wrinkled old face. I took a glance to the other side of the table and saw that he was dining with a beautiful young woman, who did not seem the least bit affected by what was going on.

  Before anything else could happen, my boss came and apologizes for my behavior. He even offered for their meal to be on the house. The man had a scowl on his disgusting face, with eyes shooting daggers at me.

  "I can explain, he was-"

  "I don't want to hear your excuse. You assaulted a customer and didn't even have the decency to apologize. You're fired!" I gaped at my boss for accusing me of being in the wrong. The man, who had assaulted me, smirked in victory at me.

  "But he was the one that groped my butt" I said in frustration, feeling as though the whole world was against me.

  "You know what? I am sorry... I'm sorry that I didn't allow you to touch me with your old, wrinkly hand" I spat at the disgusting old man.

  Turning around I didn't realize that everyone had stop doing what they were doing to watch the scene unfold before them. I held my head down feeling embarrassed from all the attention and made my way to the back to grab my things. I looked around the empty changing room before letting out a long sigh, then exiting through the back door.

  Standing outside in the alley, I let the frustrated tears flow. I was now jobless and probably homeless soon, because I will not be able to pay my rent. It was like the universe enjoyed torturing me.

  First, my dad abandons me, and then my mom died, leaving me all by myself. I don't know if I have any more family out there, because all I knew was my mom and she never once talked about her family. In this moment I felt truly alone. Working at the restaurant with my best friend, Avery made my life a little less sad. She wasn't at work today, which made this a lot harder to handle. At least she would be here to comfort me.

  This job was my only source of income and the little I made was barely enough to cover all expenses. I had to drop out of high school when my mom got sick, so that I could work to pay off her medical bills, since we didn't have insurance.

  While I was busy mulling over my thoughts I felt a drop of water, then another and another. I looked up at the sky and smiled as the rain came pouring down. Oh how I wish the rain could wash away my troubles. I stood in the rain for few more minutes before I decided to seek shelter.

  I wasn't in the mood to go home to my cold and empty apartment to wallow in self-pity. I began walking aimlessly around when I spot a bar. One drink wouldn't hurt right? Who am I kidding? One drink alone could not ease my mind. I wanted a temporary escape from the mess that is my life. So with that thought in mind, I walked inside the bar.

  I went straight for the restroom as soon I step foot inside the bar since I was soaking wet. I took a look in the mirror and saw that I looked like a mess. There was nobody else inside the restroom so I took off my shirt and wrung as much water as I could out of it, then put it back on. I spotted a hand dryer on the wall beside the sink and decide to go crouch under it to try and get as dry as I could.

  Ten minutes later after being in that uncomfortable position for so long, I stretched my legs. I felt a little better with my clothes not clinging to me as much. I mean I wasn't completely dry, but I wasn't completely wet either so I'm wasn't complaining.

  I walk out of the restroom and head straight for the bar. I took a seat and ordered six Kamikaze shots. The bartender gave me a questioning look, but served my shots anyway. I then downed all six shots in less than a minute.

  "Whoa, slow down there" I hear someone say beside me to my right. I turn to the side and saw the most beautiful man that I have ever laid eyes on. He had dark hair, striking blue eyes, a straight nose and full pink lips. He wore an all-black suit and had an aura around him that screamed danger.

  I don't know how long I was staring at him for. I heard him clear his throat and then his lips pulled into a smirk. I quickly looked away, blushing furiously. I had been caught checking out a complete stranger. I dared another glance at him, only to see him already staring at me and I quickly look away.