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Honey, I'll Make You a Star

Honey, I'll Make You a Star



Margaret Simons was born into a wealthy family. After her mother died, her father brought his illegitimate daughter home. Since then, Margaret's half-sister robbed everything from her, including her father's love and her boyfriend. Being framed by her half-sister, she was drugged and sent to a hot guy's bed. Charleston Limbaugh was the president of the biggest entertainment company. He had no interest in any women. However, he was drugged by accident then he had one-night stand with Margaret. Since then, he kept finding this woman. Four years later, Margaret became an actress and she worked in the biggest entertainment company. Coincidentally, she picked up Charleston's wallet then she returned it to him. Charleston suspected Margaret was the thief as his nude photo in his wallet was missing. From then on, Charleston moved into Margaret's house. However, he didn't know Margaret had a baby--his baby.
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Margaret Simons, who just had had her cherry popped, hung on to her sore waist. She felt the sensation of her warm skin.

She paused for a while and felt a chill down her spine.

Memories of the night before flooded back into her mind.

Margaret's mind just went blank, and her petite body shuddered involuntarily. 

Even her lips turned pale.

She moved her tense head to the side to glance at the face of the man sleeping beside her.

Suddenly, the man moved.

Margaret freaked out then immediately jumped off the bed and stood by the bedside. Her heart raced in the darkness, as if it was going to bust out of her chest anytime.

The man didn't wake up, but only turned in his slumber.

Her mind was a complete mess at this point. She tried to keep her panic at bay as she looked around for her clothes in the dark.

When she found them, she swiftly put them on, then moved as quietly as a mouse out of the room to avoid waking up the sleeping man.

She successfully sneaked out of the room while using the wall to support herself. Her legs were so sore that they started to tremble.

During the night before, the word 'self-control' was non-existent in the man's vocabulary. He just kept asking, and asking for more.

All Margaret could think of was to get out of this place as quickly as she could. She didn't even know who the man was, and in her state of panic, she had forgotten to take a good look at him.

She left so hastily that she didn't even notice that she had left an employee's card in the room.

The name "Suanne Adams" was written on the card.

The corridor of the hotel looked expensive and luxurious.

Margaret supported herself, holding a hand up against the rose engraved wall as her memory started coming back to her.

She had covered for her friend, Suanne, at her job the day before.

She didn't expect to see her younger sister, Stephanie Simons, having a party with her classmates. Then, Stephanie handed her a glass of juice to drink.

She went back to work after taking a swig of the drink, but gradually felt her body growing warm. She started feeling very uneasy and her head was a spinning mess when she was led, staggering into a room.

The rest was all blank.

Margaret's face turned even paler.

She had slept with this stranger.

She bit her lip as her head started to ache from being tormented by the chaos inside her mind.


In the private room of the Emperor Hotel, Charleston Limbaugh woke up soon after Margaret left.

The man opened his eyes to see the bed in a slumbered mess, tinged with spots of red. He frowned at the sight of this.

He could only recall bits and pieces of what happened the night before.

The girl was shy and kept on resisting, but he let his arousal get the better of him.

Her scent was sweet and soft, and the faint fragrance on her body tempted him into a lustful mood.

Charleston was sure that if the girl had still been lying beside him when he woke up, he would not be able to control himself even though he was completely conscious and sober.

His phone suddenly rang.

"Boss, where are you now?" the person over the phone asked cautiously.

"Was I drugged yesterday?" Charleston asked, displeasure evident in his tone.

He wouldn't be as impetuous if it wasn't for that drug.

"Boss, please try to understand that we initially wanted to play a prank on the other guy, but we didn't expect you to drink that glass of wine..." the other party trailed off.

"Ha," Charleston sneered, "you'd better pray for luck."

"Oh, don't be so mean, boss. Do you still regard me as your good brother?..." 

Charleston immediately hung up the phone. He looked away and spotted the employee's card on the floor next to him.

He picked it up.

"Suanne Adams..." The man read it in a soft, alluring voice, and his pitched black eyes flashed a gleeful shimmer.