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Nightmares Chasing

Nightmares Chasing



When a mysterious human girl lands on the territory of the four Alphas, who hatehumans more then any thing else in the world, what will happen?The Williams brothers have always been brutal and tough, but that’s because of theincident they had when they were younger, each and everyone of the boys held theirown trauma and scars from it, but when a human comes back to remind them of theirpast, would the boys be able to look past her species and see her, or will their hatredbe too strong? What will happen when the Alphas learn that their mate was morelike them then they thought, what will they do when they realized how her speciesleft her with scars and pain, will it be to late for them to fix what they have broken?Jessica has always had a hard live, but after a terrible accident happens, she runs tofind some peace. But she ends up in a new world, that might cause her greater painthan what she has already endured or might be the saving grace she has been prayingfor. The only question was d
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Jessica ran deeper into the woods, each step made her legs burn even more, but no matter how much she wanted to give up she couldn’t, her life literally depended on it. She pushed herself even more as her enemy gained on her. Her legs were burning, her lungs screaming for oxygen and her eyes burned as sweat ran into them, but she could not stop, unless she wanted the wolves to catch her.

Jess just simply wanted to go on a hike and clear her head, but who knew that would possibly lead to her death. Jess turned her head to see how close the wolves were, but that was the worst mistake she could have made, she tripped on a branch and tumbled down. When jess finally stopped rolling, her hand burned and her ankle hurt, but it was nothing compared to the searing pain pulsing from her side. She turned herself on her back and looked at her hip, a broken piece of a branch had stabbed into her. The burning would not stop, Jess moved her hand to the branch, trying to pull it out, but as soon as pressure was applied the pain skyrocket to a new level, Jess could not take it and soon she was consumed by darkness

“Delta, we caught up with the girl. She got hurt and passed out.” One of the warriors called out to Sarah. She runs over to the warriors and looks at the girl on the ground. Sarah was so confused; no human had crossed over the boarders in millennia. Sarah hadn’t even heard of this happing in their lifetime.

“She is classified as a rogue, we should kill her, delta.” Another warrior said.

“No, we need to find out how she crossed the border before we end her. Take her to the pack house, I’ll ask the alphas to meet us there. Remember they aren’t like us, their fragile and she is already injured so just be careful, for now. After we get our orders from the alphas, we can discard of her.” She ordered the men and linked the alphas and beta – We have a problem; I’m bringing her to the pack house.

It took them 5 minutes to run back to the pack house in human form and the alphas were outside standing with their power radiating for miles. The Beta was standing a little bit more behind just observing the scene unfolding before him. Xavier, the eldest of the four quadruplets, shoulders tense as he moved closer to the warriors carrying the girl. They laid her down on the ground. The remaining three of the quadruplets stepped closer to the girl and all their auras change as they saw her. Raymond, the second oldest quadruplet, moved and crouched down beside the girl.

“Everyone leave, now.” Matthew, the third quadruplet, order the warriors.

“But no one speaks of what they found tonight to anyone, that’s a direct order from your alpha.” Joshua, the youngest of the four, demanded his men. They all nodded in unison and left. Matthew moved next to Raymond and crouched next to him.

“Do you smell it too?” Raymond asked his brother as he stares at the girl. She was interesting looking to them. She had long black hair and a button nose with a pretty face, but her stature was small compared to the female wolves build. That much was clear even though she was lying unconscious on the ground.

“Is it… its blood?” Matthew declared unsure; her blood had the sweetest scent, which none of the boys had ever come across, this made them even more on edge. Werewolves had scents, but it was attached to their wolf’s auras not their blood, that is why they were so confused.

“It is, I did not know someone scent could be linked to their blood. Is it because it is a different species?” Joshua asked with disgust evident in his voice.

“These questions are useless. The only way we will find any answers is after it has woken up. Clearly, we need to deal with its wounds first and contact the elders. The only think we can be sure of now is that this is going to cause us a lot of fucking problems.” Xavier said annoyed with the situation.

“Let’s just throw it back where we got it, let someone else deal with this shit.” Joshua said as he turned to leave, deciding that he was over the human girl for today.

“Xavier is right. Mike, take it to one of the A level cells and call one of the pack doctors, let them see what they can do for it and then will deal with it when it wakes up, but tell the doc that he only needs to not let her die, he does not have to save her life. We do not have to waste our resources on something so useless.” Raymond said to their beta and stood up at the same time as Matthew.

“Have someone watch it at all times, we haven’t dealt with humans in our world before, we know they are weaker, but for now don’t take any chances. I want it under lock and key and like my brother said, just keep it from dying, don’t save it.” Xavier said in a harsh tone, making sure his hatred for humans and the situations shone through clearly.

“I’ll call the elders and see what they say about this situation and whether or not we should just kill her.” Raymond says and makes his way back to the pack house. Xavier follows him in and now it is only the beta, delta, and Matthew outside.

“You guys think this is going to cause us trouble?” Matthew asks neither one of them in particular.

“I do not see how a human popping up in our world can mean anything less than trouble showing up at our front door. I know that this will not end well for her, maybe if she landed on another territory, she might have had a chance at survival, but everyone knows of the history between the humans and you and your brothers.” Mike spoke for the first time. It was clear that Mike did not care for any of this, his shoulders were completely tense and his wolfs anxiousness radiated clearly

“I hate it when your right Mike.” Matthew said as he remembers the horrors he and his brothers had to face, due to those demons. He also felt his shoulders tense at the sense of a threat coming closer.

“Just keep an eye on it. Don’t let your guard down. And lastly only use the warriors that already know of the problem, to keep watch. We don’t need chaos in the pack right now.” Matthew said his last command to his delta and beta and made his way into the pack house as well. One thing was for sure, not one of the boys could keep the mystery girl out of their heads, whether they were thinking about what threat this could mean for them or whether their curiosity couldn’t stop thinking of her or simply about how they were going to deal with her. She was the only thing on each and every one of the quadruplets minds, before sleep finally came for them.