Barely Legal

Barely Legal


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Arianna Carter (18) just completed high school and is now working at a country club in San Antonio as a receptionist. Due to her parents' unfortunate gambling issues, her college savings has been depleted to nearly nothing, forcing her to take a gap year or two to save her own money. She loves her job, but the only downfall is the older, rich bastards who treat her like a piece of meat and think they can flash some cash in her face and get her to drop her panties. Most of them are married with kids and just want her as one of their many mistresses on the side. Personally, she finds older men attractive, but she would prefer her man single and unattached. She goes to bed at night wondering what it would be like if one of them would sweep her off her feet. Pierce White (50) has just ended his toxic marriage of 25 years to his high school sweetheart and retired early as an investment banker all in the same month. After retirement, Pierce becomes a homebody and spends his days in absolute solitude. His ex-wife was every bit of a socialite and always drug him against his will to fancy dinner parties or charity functions, despite his clear distaste for the events. His best friend, Patrick convinces him that he at least needs to get out of the house a few times a week and invites him to join a new country club. Reluctantly, Pierce agrees, but once he sees the young, brown-skinned receptionist behind the front desk his first thought is bending her over it and having his way with her.
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"Thank you so much for visiting Elite San Antonio, and I hope your experience with us was pleasurable. Good night Mr. and Mrs. Porter," Arianna said with a tight smile on her face. She had worked a double today, and her dogs were barking, courtesy of her Chanel patent leather

pumps. Normally, Arianna wouldn't have dreamed of purchasing something so expensive, but a coworker put her on a luxury consignment website with reasonable prices on luxury name brand clothing and shoes. The plus side was that she could pay in monthly installments, saving her from pinching pennies at the end of the month.

Elite San Antonio or Elite SA was a state-of-the-art country club new to the city, and everyone fortunate enough to be members had deep pockets, power, and an ego the size of the state of Texas. Coincidentally, the owner expected the staff to look the part as well.

"Thank you, Arianna. Your service was wonderful as usual," Mr. Porter grinned, offering his hand.

"You're very welcome. Will I be seeing you and Mrs. Porter next week, same time?" Arianna asked, accepting his hand.

"Of course, dear, at our usual time. Take care, Arianna."

"Good night, Mrs. Porter. Please don't forget about yoga tomorrow at 9:00 AM with Mrs. Hendricks and Mrs. Murphy," Arianna reminded me.

"Ohhhh, thank you so much for the reminder. I'll be here!"

Arianna finished saying her polite farewells and collapsed in her chair as soon as the couple exited through the rustically crafted arched double doors. Arianna looked into the palm of her hand and she was thrilled at the sight of the crisp but folded $50.00 bill that Mr. Porter blessed

her with. Her nose wrinkled in disgust when she saw he also left a little note inside the folded bill to call him.

Fielding the ongoing advances of their members was the only downfall of Arianna's job as a receptionist, oh, and the fact she was also sometimes expected to act as a personal concierge even though it wasn't in her job description. Arianna is hit on from the time she arrives in the morning until the sun sets at night. There has only been one case where a member was drunk and overly vulgar with her and even managed to grope her before he was escorted out. A part of Arianna felt disgusted and violated by his behavior, but he apologized the next day and gave her a check for $5,000.00 to show he was "sincere."

Arianna was quick to accept the check and had let him know all was forgiven. Arianna didn't mind accepting his payoff as long as her lights were still on and there was a roof over her head.

Not to mention, the money made a nice little dent in her college fund. If she was candid, she was hoping it would happen again so that she could get another check. Arianna wasn't a whore, but she also wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Arianna wished she could say it was only the men in love with the cocoa, but she was approached by many women who wanted to engage in a dalliance or desired to have a threesome with her and their husbands. Arianna, of course, turned them down; however, she couldn't turn

down Mrs. Klein, who asked for her to massage her. That came with a $1,000.00 tip, and she wasn't required to scissor or eat her pussy. That was a win in her book.

Arianna recently graduated from high school and had plans of attending college and relied on her college fund her deceased grandparents left to get her through the next four years. She was accepted to a decent school and was assigned a roommate. Arianna purchased a new laptop and

other supplies and couldn't wait until she started the next chapter of her life.

It wasn't until the week before school started that her parents called her into the living room and confessed they spent her entire college fund on trips to Louisiana for expensive gambling excursions. There were no words to express how betrayed Arianna felt by the two people that were supposed to love and care for her. If she couldn't trust her own parents to have her back, then who could she trust?

Arianna cried that night as she logged into the school's website, dropped all of her classes, and unenrolled herself. She sent an email to her roommate to let her know that something came up and she wouldn't be joining her for the year. Arianna was at least grateful she had decided to hold off on purchasing her textbooks just in case she found them in the school's library. One less thing she had to worry about.

Arianna was disgusted by her parents' selfishness and refused to stay under their roof for another day. The next day, she scraped up the last bit of her funds she had saved from a part-time job and found a nice studio to rent at a decent price, all bills included. The only issue was that her

part-time job at the local bookstore wouldn't pay the rent. Arianna had a month to find a job or she was going to be out on her ass.

It didn't take her long to stumble upon the online ad for the receptionist position at Elite SA.

Arianna immediately beefed up her resume and submitted the application. She was surprised to receive a call back that very day requesting she come in for a job interview the following day.

Arianna accepted and then gasped in horror once she realized she didn't know what to wear for her interview. Arianna had never been to a country club before, but she's heard enough to know that something sleek, stylish, and professional would be preferred.

Arianna dressed the next morning in a black sheath dress with long mesh sleeves that cuffed at the wrist. She paired her outfit with a pair of black pumps and diamond studs. Arianna arrived for her interview twenty minutes early and was floored by the rows of expensive luxury cars

parked in the compound.

Her parents were bastards for spending her college fund, but at least she had a decent car. Her 2017 Honda Civic was still a hoopty compared to the Bentley she parked by, but it could've been a lot worse.