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Park Chaeyoung is the girl who from Australia and came to Seoul, Korea. She really sweet, innocent, cute, soft and pretty. Well, she met one guy and it change her. Park Jimin the biggest bully, gangsters, rude, mean and never be nice toward girl or anyone. Then, he met one girl that will change him. "Her sweetness ONLY for me. NOT for you. "
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Today, I landed in Korea. Ughh!! It is so tiring. I came out of the airport and have fresh air!!!

"Finally!! I'm back!!" I yelled. I know people think I'm crazy. But I do miss Korea. I leave Korea since 5 years old and I didn't have friends at all because my parents always transfer so I have to followed them. Well, now I'm 22 years old.

I'm an adult now. College girl let say. I walk to the taxi and went to my apartment. I open the door and am surprised by the beautiful apartment.

"Wow. Dad is not joking when he said I will leave like a princess. " I laughed when said that. I sit on the couch.

"Tomorrow I have to go to college. Have a new life. Right?" I asked myself. Well, it going to be a good day.

Jimin POV

"ARGHHHH!!!" I punch him again and stand up.

"Ughh!! What I'm going to do with you? I'm so tired of punching your ugly face." That guy tries to stand up but falls because of course he weak!!

"P—Please...s—stop..." said the guy. I just smirked at him and knee down.

"You want me to stop? Why you want me to stop when you don't pay back my money?"

"I—I p—p—promised I w—will payback." He said while shaking nervously.

I like to see people suffering and begging on me.

"Such apathetic. " I shake my head while smile in amusing.

"You're going too far, Jimin. Just give him a chance. We need to go home. It getting late." said Jin.

"Jimin wouldn't stop unless he pays him back," said Jungkook.

"That right Jungkook. " I said with smirked. Suddenly...

"Ow ow ow!!!" I groaning in pain when Jin pulled my ear.

"Mother mode turns on," said Namjoon while laughing.

"We're going home!!" said Jin. "Tae and Yoongi!! Settled that guy!!"

"On it!" said Tae. Yoongi just nodded lazily. "Yah!! Jin!! Let me go!!"

He just continue pulled my ear. I'm sure my ear will be red. I just want my money back. Is it hard to give? My take it, you pay it. Easy, right?

Chaeyoung POV

I unpack my things with exciting feelings. It night already but I need food. So I just go out, wearing a black hoodie and short pants. I take my phone and went out.

I arrive convenience store. Then, I saw my favorite chips!!

"It here!? Wow!! I don't know it here." I want to take it but someone takes it from me first. I looked at the owner and it was a handsome man.

"I'm sorry. Is it yours?" he asked. "No. You can have it."

Why I said that!! It was the last one and I'm craving it!!

"Are you sure? You looked like you forcing yourself. " He said.

"No!! I'm sure you can have it."

Really Chae? Ughh!!!

That guy smiles at me and says thank you. "You such a nice girl," he said.

"Really!? Um...thank you I guess. " "You guess?" he giggles at me.

"What your name?" he asked. I'm not going to introduce myself to the person that I just met. Never.

"Sorry. I have to go. Bye!!"

I just run from him anything!!! Now, I think I have to starve at home first.


"Yah!! Jin, what too long?" Jimin asks. This guy never calms his ass. "Here. Your favorite chips. "

"Finally!!" yelled Jimin.

"You're lucky because someone wants to take it just now but she gives it to me."

"I'm sorry. She?" said Jimin.

"It a girl. I don't get her name. "

"So? Who cares?" Jimin walked away and I sigh annoyingly at him.

Jimin never likes girls. He always in his world.

Chaeyoung POV

Arghhh!! Why you such an idiot Park Chaeyoung!!!!!??? I need that chips. I love that food. It was my favorite food. I'm craving it since in an airplane.

Now, I'm walking on the street feeling starving. I glance at my watch and it already late night!!!??? I have school tomorrow!!!!

Next morning~

Bep bep bep!!!!

Ughh!! I turn off my alarm and stretch my body.

"First day of my college life." I smiled to myself and get out from bed. I do my routine. I wear black jeans with big hoodie purple. I brushed my hair and take my things.

"What I should eat for breakfast? " I opened the fridge and looked something for to eat.

"Nah~ I just take an apple is enough." I take an apple from the fridge and went out after locking the doors.

I have the bike but I don't use it because I know it will take people's attention. So I better walk. After a few minutes, I arrive.

"Wow. Is this college or...castle." seriously, this college is so big!!!! I went inside and saw many people, talking, laughing, and everything.

"I have to find the principal office. But...where?" an

I just walking and try to find the principal office? How I want to find the office if this school is fu— No!! No cursing!! No cursing Chaeyoung.

I take a deep breath and I know I can do this. I just about to walk but I bumped into someone.

"I—I'm so sorry. It my fault!!" I keep bow to that person. Great. It such a great way to start my day.

"Hey, it okay. Don't be so scared. I'm not eating you." It girl's voice. I lifted my head and I saw a beautiful girl.

"You are so pretty and look like you have a 4D personality." I blurted it out without realizing. Then, I closed my mouth and Ican feel my face red. She laughed at me.

"Thank you. You're so funny. Look like you are new here. My name is Kim Jisoo. Jisoo for short of course." she said.

I just stare at her. Then, she coughing to get my attention.

" Oh!! I'm sorry. My name is Park Chaeyoung. My nickname is Chae or Chaeyoung or Chaeng."

"Looked like you have a lot of nicknames. Let just call you chipmunks because you looked like it." said Jisoo.


"Ahaha, yes. Well, let me help you find the principal office." She takes my hand and dragged me along.