Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go

Author:V. SAX

Billionaire | Updating

Tired of hiding herself from a persistent guy, to get rid of the unwanted admirer, she kissed an unknown handsome man at a masquerade ball. What will happen when she will find out the same guy is her ruthless boss? ***** She fell in love with a man who never felt her existence. Her broken heart gave her the desired pain to become the biggest sensation in the country; She became a star. The time he realizes the emptiness in his heart belonged to her, he ran to her, but she didn't recognize anything. What will happen when he will find out the truth behind her strange behavior. Did he lose her forever? Or is this the beginning of a new story?
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In the middle of the night, an expensive Boeing private helicopter landed with a whirling-whapping sound on the world's tallest residential building in New York.

The thrumming of the helicopter blades twirling the chilly weather into the gale of icy wind.

As the door opens, an elegant young man wearing an expensive business suit designed by his personal couturier came out.

His arrogant, cold looks perfectly matched his classy moves.

At nearly 1,400 feet, looking down on the Empire State Building, you aren't just above New York City - you lord over it. Cars become toys and people become dots. Central Park shrinks from a lush oasis of trees and playing fields to a small grass welcome mat to your private domain. Your head is truly in the clouds.

He lives on the top floor of the world's tallest residential building.

The penthouse on the top floor is called the statement.

He is the owner of New York's top fashion company named Enamore.

Recognized as the youngest entrepreneur, he liked to stay on top of everything.

He is the most eligible bachelor in the country.

Every girl dying to get a look from and eager to crawl in his bed.

As he came out of the helicopter, his manager came and greeted him.

"Hello, Sir." Manager purred.

"Are you done with the arrangements for the party?" He purred.

"Yes, I sent the invitations to all the business competitors...,"

The manager answered.

"Change the theme to Masquerade ball."

"It will be difficult; tomorrow is the party, and all the arrangements are finished. Sir," the manager answered.

"Who am I?"

"You are Alexander Hunt," the manager purred in a low voice.


"You never listen, no, for anything. Sorry, sir, I will arrange it as you say." The manager answered.

Alexander entered his house and closed the door behind his back.

The manager stood in front of the close door, not surprised by his rude behavior.

He signed and left the close door,

Hastily he sends the e-mail to all the teams.

Tomorrow is the party, and the theme changed to a Masquerade ball.

He took the elevator from the 132nd floor towards the ground.

And ran to finish his task.

As Alexander entered his house,

He smiled the way he dictated his fate. He feels proud when he saw his achievement without his father's help.

He chose to stay alone, or should we say there was no other option for him?

His mother died when he was five years old, and in the time he realizes the vacuum created by his mom, his dad married another woman.

She became a wife, but never a mother to him. In his early childhood, he understood the meaning of money and power.

His mother never loved him, although he was affectionate with his little stepbrother.

During his teenage, he had a few affairs to find love from a woman, but sooner, he realizes the bird called love never exists.

His family turned him into a ruthless and arrogant man.

He uses women for his pleasure but never loved them.

His ruthless behavior broke thousands of hearts.

The only aim for his life was to be on top and beat and swallow other's business.

He threw on his shoes and took off his clothes for a hot shower.

The shower alone has a panel with more than a hundred options you can choose to regulate water temperature, pressure, soaps, shampoos, scents, oils, and massaging sponges.

The shower was not a closed room made of bricks or concrete.

It was made up of glass, exposing the view of the city.

While taking a hot shower in this chilly weather, placing his hands on the glass walls, he can enjoy his dictatorship while being nude at the top of the city.

After an exposing shower, he came to his magnificent gigantic closet carrying thousand of masterpiece clothes and shoes.

From the corner, he took out his exclusive boxers; wear them.

Whether you are a rich guy or a poor guy, at night, all you need is wonderful food and sleep.

He walked towards the kitchen where his meal was ready and hot cooked by his personal chef.

He grabbed a few bites and took his wineglass as he opened his tv.

It was not an ordinary tv; it is the biggest tv available in the market by Samsung.

The Wall MicroLED  TV is a whopping 292 inches, with an 8K model at 150 inches. Just plain huge.

He changed a few channels as he finished his glass of wine, threw the remote on the floor, and walked towards his bedroom.

Although he had all the pleasure of the world, there is an emptiness in his heart which no one can fill.

He never allowed a woman to come near his heart, never showed his weak phase to anybody.

He lost the capability of love with his mother's death.

He became an expert hiding his feeling, wrapped and hide, everything behind his arrogance and ruthless dictatorship aura.

After finishing his wine, he opened his laptop and read the mail send from his partner, his best friend, Esrael.

The only man who sees a soft human heart in Alexander.

Esrael is the partner in his company, as well as his only friend.

The message that popped up on his phone made him smile.

It was Esrael, asking him about the trip.

"Hey man, So how was your trip?" He called.

"You know me," Alexander answered with a smirk.

"I know, you got the contract. I am talking about your trip?" He raised his brow on the video call.

He winked his eyes as he was asking about the pleasure trip he had in a few days or not.

"Ahh... Yeah," Alexander answered casually.

"Fuck man, you seriously got his daughter," Esrael screamed with excitement.

"I did nothing to allure her. She willingly came to my hotel room."

Alexander answered.

"Man, you are a real hunter. I need to know every detail tomorrow." Esrael answered in a jealous tone.

"There is nothing to say," Alexander laughed.

As they hung up the phone, Alexander went to his bedroom.

He looked at himself in the mirror and called himself.

a winner.

He jumped on his bed and snuggled under the blanket.