His Bedwarmer's Wife

His Bedwarmer's Wife


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Hailey Amaranth, did everything just to make her husband Hunter Lewis love her. A man that she took and should have married her best friend. Hunter promised that he will make Hailey's life miserable and hell. Chaotic, both hurt and both destroyed. Who amongst the two is the real victim, the abductor abused, or the abducted abusive? Is there any hope that they can reconcile or will the wounds remain to deepen in their hearts?
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I was once a party-goer, a happy-go-lucky, a woman who does everything I like. I grew up getting everything I want. People used to call me a brat, liberated, hoe, and such. But I keep on ignoring them as long as I am happy and I don't run into them.

I am Hailey Hian Amaranth, a wicked best friend, a lovable eldest sister, and the daughter of the fearless businessman in our city. And since I grew that my family is powerful, no one dares to cross with me.

I hang out with different guys, not for sex of course, but just for fun. Even people saw me as easy to get in bed, I still know how to take care of myself.

I don't know the real meaning of love. For me, love doesn’t exist. Love isn’t real. Love was invented by people that wanted attention, for the loner, for those people who had nothing but themselves. They only want someone with them so they will not feel empty and lonely.

Not until I met this man named Hunter Lewis. A hot and almost perfect man. Since that day, I know that he is special. He is something that every woman wants. In life, even in bed. His hotness will keep on hunting you saying that you need to have him for you to be happy.

The saddest part is, my childhood best friend Kyla introduced him to me and claimed that he is her fiance.

I don't know how it happened that Kyla would marry that man. I mean, how the shit happened that they are engaged? I never meet him before. I am with Kyla almost every day and I never meet him even once. All I know is that her boyfriend is Vince. Those stupid --ugh-- never mind.

I'm not interested in him.

Days passed, but Hunter still crossed in my mind. Day by day, my eagerness to make him mine become stronger. I want him and I am willing to do everything for him. If I am not mistaken, Lewis's are one of my father's business partners.

I am an Amaranth, and I can get what I want even to cross someone's property. No exemption, no excuses, not even my best friend. No wedding will take place because if there is, it should be just me and Hunter.

I like him, I like him to the point that I changed. Changes that are too far from what I am. Changes that even my family and friends don't recognize me. I forget all my bad habits and tried to catch his attention. I want to be the perfect, humble, and good woman in his eyes, so I can be fit for him.

But I failed, I failed a hundred times. He keeps on rejecting me and looked at me like I was the dirtiest woman he knew. He throws bad words and said that I should have to forget him. He told me that no matter how happened, he can never be mine.

So, I made some planned. A plan that I know will be effective. The plan that will be my last action as a brat. Cause after this plan, I will be the most faithful and devoted wife. I will do everything to win his heart. This is my last option and I know he can’t say no, or no one in his family can’t say no.

I went to his stag party and paid someone to put sleeping pills on his drink. and that night changed everything on us because I managed to make him mine.

Our both parents saw us on the bed naked and hugging each other. Though, I know that nothing happened to us I did not tell the truth. I want him, I want him and I don't know why.

Hunter knew that nothing happens. He keeps on insisting that nothing happened and that he doesn't remember anything. He loves someone and both of them are planning to get married. He begged me to tell the truth.

He kneels in front of me, cries, and begged me. But, I promised him that I'll make him the happiest man on Earth once we got married.

But Hunter refused, he said that if the marriage went ahead my life with him would be miserable. He threatened me that he will make me suffer. But instead of being afraid. I chose to continue the wedding.

God forbid me, but I also don't understand what's up with him and what I'll be able to sacrifice everything just to get him.

And on the wedding day, I didn't expect the words he would say.

"You're gonna suffer until your last breath, Hailey. Until you'll beg me to let you go. You want me, don't you? So be it. Because it's not heaven you're going to come home to but a burning hell."

Words I never expected to come true.