His Late Night Craving

His Late Night Craving

Author:sad soul

General Romance | Finished

The first rule for a mafia wife is obedience and silence but she was far away from these words. The princess's life revolves around gun models than painting her nails. They were destined to marry each other. But they have never seen each other. Today the mafia king will meet his future wife. He thought her to be rich spoiled princess. But this Barbie looking girl was not like his expectations. She has more interests in guns and beating people than shopping and spa. She is one hell of the dangerous princess on earth. What will happen when they will not bow to each other. Then life would be full of action and blood when two cruel people become life partners.
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I looked at my future wife with so much shock in my eyes. She was holding a gun at me ,at her future husband, in her own wedding ceremony. I did not believe that what the hell happened. And more shockingly it happened to me. To me. To the most ruthless person on earth. How dare she?

After a moment the shock in my eyes turned in to anger wrath. I closed my fist with so much wrath to prevent my self from removing her neck and closed my eyes to calm me down. But when I closed my eyes the incident that happened a minute ago again repeated in front of my eyes.

We were standing in the aisle. All eyes were drawn to us and the priest was standing in front of me. He was doing the wedding rituals. And then he said that

“you may kiss the bride” The music was playing in the background. My eyes were sparkling as I bent down and kissed her. The guests were congratulating us by clapping and hooting and then when my lips met hers , she looked into my eyes with so much coldness and then I don’t know from where but she pulled out the gun from beneath her wedding dress and aimed at me. At me. At Wilson devise. People shivered just by hearing my name. and she dared to threaten her own husband.

Due to the guests I kept my calm and stared into my wife angelic eyes with question in my eyes.

“First lesson Mr. husband, nobody I repeat nobody can touch me without my permission. Is that understood” she said with a very cold smile on her face. I looked at her with so much shock. The gun was hidden by her dress layers so guests can’t see that. Only me and priest saw it. I was still in shock and anger when she turned towards the priest and said.

“You should continue saying those marriage prayers or else it will only take me two seconds to break your skull into two halves”. She threatened with a very beautiful smile on her face. The guests were still cheering and applauding for us.

Then she was busying in clearing her dress layers with that gun. In other way she was threatening me with the gun. I first held the gun when I was three years old. And she was threatening the great Wilson devise with this toy. People used to call me devil and she was messing with me. She shocked me for a moment, I can’t believe that she can hide the gun under her wedding dress on her wedding day. That reminds me of her first meeting with me when we signed that contract. I knew she was raised differently but she dared to threaten me on our wedding day. This threatens me the most. Now Its time to show her that who is the boss here.

I held her arm with so much force, moving her hand with the gun in a backward direction and kissed her forcefully. That’s my type of answer. She tried to get herself free but my grip got stronger and stronger. Then I speak by getting closer to her ears. The crowd was applauding at my again kissing her. They were cheering that I should wait for my wedding night. But They don’t know what’s happening in reality.

“First lesson wife. You are mine to claim. You are mine to touch and you are mine to fuck. And don’t ever aim a gun at me. Those who did that are not alive to see next morning. People used to call me a devil for a reason.” I said and she tried to get her hands free.

“oh you “ she said and hit me hard between my legs by using her leg from the dress. I pressed my lips together in anger and bear the pain with very difficulty. She was smiling by looking at me and people still thought that we are getting intimate because we were standing so close to each other. I kissed her again by stranding her legs too and said in a very cold voice because she has crossed all the limits.

“Be ready wifey. Tonight I will claim you. And along with that be ready for the punishment. You have messed with me and you will regret it tonight trust me” I said and leave the aisle. I took two steps down from the aisle when I heard a gun shot at my back. I heard the guests screamed and my feet got froze at that.

At first I thought that she shooted me. But then I slowly turned around to see the priest skull in two halves and blood was flowing out from it. I was shocked impressed. I don’t know the feeling but this Italian mafia princess was somehow a lot different.

Its not like that it’s the first time that I heard the gun shot. I used to kill people when I was five but I have never seen a girl so ruthless and brave.

I saw her coming down the aisle. She stopped near me and said.

“I said to him that he should continue saying his prayers but he stopped so I shoot him. That’s the demo you should learn too from it” she said and I looked at her with shock and memorization. She was looking so angelic and beautiful in her dress but her actions are opposite to it. If she think that by killing on man in front of me she will scare me or I will submit to her then she is wrong. I am the boss.

“I own this world princess including you. And tonight I will show you that. Be ready” I said and walked away and it was her turn to get shocked. I simply turned my back and smiled at her expressions.

Lexa blake

After the ceremony I was lost in my thoughts when they get me laid in a sandal ,jasmine and rose water. I was lost in my husband. He threatened me. And due to his reputation my body was shivering. I am not easy to get scared. But the tone in which he said that he will claim me tonight send shivers through my body. He was the most ruthless mafia king. Dad used to tell his stories that how ruthless he is. They are preparing me for him. Tonight he will claim me. And he has all the rights to do so.

As the time is passing and the night is coming my nervousness was increasing. I have angered him now and now he will take his revenge. I still remembered the day we met to sign a contract of marriage at the age of fifteen to end the enmity between our families. I can’t forget the coldness and ruthlessness in his eyes that day. He was meeting my father with so much disgust. Due to him I never spent any childhood time doing some girlish things. All I do was to prepare my self as a shark to meet these crocodiles. What ever the contract says he is my husband and he is my enemy and I can’t forget that. Tonight he will claim me and I will end him. With that a very cruel smile appeared on my lips.

Wilson devise

I left the court after the hearing and now I was sitting in my office. Today I was unable to recognize my wife she was looking like some stranger. I can't believe that she is the same woman who I love the most. The mother of my children. My mafia princess. one single incident changes all. life has taken us from the enemies to lovers and now we are at point of parting ways from each other. I can't live without her but how should I tell that I didn't do any such thing. it was not my doing. I have not done anything wrong. I held my bursting head in my hands and started working. In the files I found that contract that our families signed years ago. the contract of our marriage and I got lost deep in my thoughts when I first met her and signed that contract when we were fifteen years old.

Flash backs

So today was the day. I drank straight from the bottle. Fuck the glass. I was too tired to move. I was sitting in my limousine while thinking about my future wife. She is a ghost. I have not seen her but I have to marry her. That’s the biggest joke of my life. But with great powers comes with great responsibility. That’s why I am eating this sour tablet. Today we are going to remind my future in laws of their promise.

My brothers are with me in this hunt of my bride. We are going to see my ghost bride. My father was riding in a car with my elder brother while my other two brothers are with me in this limousine.

“Jared did you hack their security” I asked him.

“No yet brother but Its almost done. They have a very tricky firewall”. He replied.

“Its necessary for our safety. We are going into lion’s den” I said and he nodded.

“But brother what if they attacked us or contract is just a trap nothing else” Kiyan asked.

“they will not dare to do that because they know who I am.” I said with a smirked.

“But what if they betray us”. Kiyan asked again.

“if they does that then I will cut their balls and I will feed them”. I said ruthlessness.

“what about the mafia princess” he asked.

“She is mine whether they will follow contract or not. She became mine when she turned 15 years.”. I said with a stern face.

I still remember my first meeting with her. I was fifteen years old and she was twelve. When our family decided to end this enmity by bounding us together. I was only fifteen and wanted to prove myself so I was willing to do anything that needed to be done to make my family proud like an idiot. Between all sons I am the younger one but everyone knew that I am the future heir of this empire. So I went with my father to their mansion to sign the contract where I first saw her when she was only twelve years old.

We moved out of our cars and moved inside between the body guards. They were protecting us. When moving inside I caught a slight glimpse of her in the garden. But she was not playing with some puppies or dolls. She was shooting. Her target was very far. And one of a her single attempt was failed. Her aim was 6/6. No doubt she was an excellent shooter. But why the hell she is doing that.

My father and I both stopped while looking at her. We are unable to see her face. She has her back towards us but we can see her shots that were beyond perfect.

“Look she has not missed a single target and look at her age” My father said impressively.

“Well don’t mind but that’s not something strange. Many girls in my class used to do shooting as a sports so what’s impressive if she does the same. But you know father these girls can inly shoot targets , they cannot shoot a man. That’s where their bravery ends” I said by wrinkling my noes and move away. That’s not me speaking. That’s my jealousy speaking. I was jealous of her. But I denied that and move forward because I am man and she is a girl. Nothing can change that fact.

Who will submit to whom. To know that read my story. Life would be full of surprises when you will forcefully wed the two most ruthless persons on earth.