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Mr. Zhong's Exclusive Lover

Mr. Zhong's Exclusive Lover



I was kicked out of the house by my father because I found that he was sleeping with my best friend. Running away from home, I was almost hit by Zhong Shuyan's car on the way, but he invited me to dinner. When I arrived, Zhong Shuyan opened the ring box and waited for me to put it on. "But we only met for less than 24 hours. Last time I saw you, you almost knocked me into the air." Zhong Shuyan pulled me into his arms and kissed me on the forehead. "Mo Qingyang, you want to destroy the Mo family. Marrying me is your best choice." "Okay." I put on the ring and kissed him on the lips. "I will play your wife well, hubby."
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How could that happen?

Everything just turned upside down.


Just thirty minutes ago, I got a phone call from my bestie, Wen Feifei. She said, "Come to this hotel, Room 666. A big surprise for you!"

My bestie always prepared a surprise for me. She said best friends needed unexpected gifts to show their LOVE to each other. I smiled when I thought about her cute face and she would say, "Surprise!"


When I was closer to Room 666, the door open, I went in, and I heard the most disgusting words in my life.

"Honey, harder, harder, please. I really like it."

"You're enchanting me. Look at your "cupcakes". Yummy. I really will die on you."

"Don't you like me like this? Don't kiss here, it's so itchy. If Yangyang finds out, what should I do?"

"I am her father. What will she do? Nothing. Forget about her. Let me check your little p*ssy."

Why their voices so familiar?

I clutched my fists, walking closer to make sure they're not those faces that appeared in my mind.

My appearance made them alert. They stopped to glare at me.

The light in the bedroom was very dim. One of them by the bed, with his head down, tried to cover his body with the falling quilt, while the other one looked at me proudly, like a victorious warrior.


One was my biological father, and the other was my bestie, whom I made friends with for ten years.

I felt like the world was spinning and I took a few steps back. My hands supported the wall to support my shaky body. Everything in front of me was so unreal.

"Dad, you..." My voice came out of my throat with difficulty, like the pain of my fingertips scratching the wall.

Wen Feifei picked up her shirt and walked to me with a smile. "Qingyang, I wanted to tell you earlier, but..."

"Shut up!" I glared at Wen Feifei, clenched my fists, and tried my best to control my urge to hit her. "Is this why you call me here? Watching you and my dad lying in the same bed? A surprise for me?"

"What surprise? Did you call her?" My father, Mo Zhenshan, finally raised his head and looked at Wen Feifei.

The complacency in Wen Feifei's eyes disappeared in an instant, and there were tears in her eyes. "Zhenshan, do you still want me to hide it for you? Do you really want me to follow you without a title? Since I fell in love with you, I have been doomed. Do you still want me to live in the dark? I love you so much. You say you will marry me."

Marrying her? I stared at her. Old memories recalled me.

Wen Feifei was very beautiful. From the sixth year of primary school, she was bullied by a group of hooligans. She was like a hamster, terrified, and tears were all over her chubby face. After I beat all the hooligans away, she grasped my sleeve. I decided to be her protector. We became best friends. I thought she was poor like me. I would share my food, clothes, toys, even my pocket money with her. I liked sleeping with her on the same bed in my room. We had a pinky promise that we would be besties forever and ever. And when we grew up, I helped her from getting bullied by other bad boys. I told her if she had any crush, just let me know first to make sure that the guy was her Prince Charming. I knew how distressed her tears were. But I never thought that one day her tears would be used to defend herself against me.

Mo Zhenshan looked at Wen Feifei's tears and his attitude changed instantly. "Why are you so fierce to her? She is your good friend." His words pulled me back.

"Good friend?" I walked up to him and glared at him. "Dad, I call you Dad. Why did you treat me like this? My mother has just passed away two months ago, and you can't wait to find someone else? Don't you feel guilty about my mother's death at all?"

"Don't talk to me in such a tone. You are not qualified." Mo Zhenshan buckled his shirt and looked impatient. "I am with Feifei. I wanted to tell you later, but since you know it now, I don't want to hide it anymore."

I opened my eyes wide in disbelief and staggered back. With a self-mocking smile, I looked at them strangely. "Is my father hooked up with my best friend?"

Recalling the way Wen Feifei addressed Mo Zhenshan, I felt a surge of nausea in my stomach. "Wen Feifei, you called my dad so intimately now."

Wen Feifei looked at me guiltily, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Qingyang, I know I was wrong, but I can't restrain my love."

"Your what? LOVE?" I looked at Wen Feifei with a ridiculous smile. I swear, I really saw the pride in Wen Feifei's eyes when I entered the door. "What right do you have to talk about love in front of me? You climbed into my father's bed just two months after my mother died. Wen Feifei, you are really shameless. What's wrong? Is it possible to inherit 'B*tch' from your mother?"

"Qingyang, don't go too far!" Mo Zhenshan suddenly shouted. Hearing what I said, Wen Feifei's tears flowed even more fiercely and her whole body trembled. Mo Zhenshan walked over with pity. As soon as he reached out his hand, Wen Feifei had already thrown herself into his arms and cried wildly.

I was already raged. I knew what could make Wen Feifei collapse because we had known each other for ten years.

Although Wen Feifei was born in a rich and powerful family, she was not a legitimate daughter. When I was a child, I always thought she was poor, but later she told her everything to me. She used the most expensive cosmetics and went to the best noble school where my so-called Dad send me to study just in case I would shame his family. But she could never be recognized as she was the illegitimate daughter, because her mother used to work in a bar, a mistress, and she could never be the person in charge of Shuoyu Group for the rest of her life.

In the past, if anyone had mentioned the words, "Mistress's daughter", in front of Wen Feifei, I would probably tear his mouth apart without hesitation. But now I would use this to hurt her, because I couldn't accept the fact that she would become my stepmother!

My bestie became my stepmother?