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His Rejected Mate

His Rejected Mate



Asura, the most highly paid Assassin in the underground society, the most fearless and ruthless killer that everyone wanted to hired, Meet her end in the very owned hand of her own lover,betrayed by her bestfriend and died without even expecting that the two person she treasured and loved the most gave her the most painful ending that she will never forget even in the afterlife. Never did she expect that trusting and loving someone is the most painful thing's she could ever did in this lifetime. She promised to herself that if ever she'd be given a second chance she will never ever give her trust and loved to anyone except to her very own self. Later did she know that her second life will become her second greatest regret in life. No one really predict what will happen next.Be careful what you wish for or else it will be your greatest downfall if you failed to fight. What will happen to Azura after her death?? Let's find out together...
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I just woke up with a heavy and so much pain in my head like I was going to puke anytime. My God! I feel like I spin a hundred times, why do I feel this way? The last thing I remember I am on my last mission that time when my best friend called and--------


I am currently running silently, hiding at every corner of the street to avoid being caught by that mafia guard. I just killed the son of their leader and gladly no one noticed, therefore I came out safely, but to my surprise, a minute had passed they already discover the crime that I did so now they are looking for me everywhere.

My client only wanted me to kill the son of that bastard so why should I kill irrelevant people who are not included in the payment? That is why I am just running and hiding silently.

A few moments later the guard already disappeared from my sight so I continue to run and hop into my motorbike which parking not near where I hide a while ago. But before I reached my house I feel that my phone vibrating so I stopped for a while to look for whoever the caller is.

  When I saw my best friend calling me I immediately answered it without hesitation.

 "Hello, what do you want??" I coldly asked without greeting her. She was just used to it anyway. It is not my style after all.

 "Ash sob, please help me I-i ne-e-d you now come to m-y con-do pl-ease," What? What the hell is happening to her?

  To my horror, I just end up the call and immediately hop into my motorbike again without any second thought and drove as fast as I could. I don't know what to do if ever there is something bad happens to her. No, please! not my best friend. I will surely hunt you to hell if ever you will lay a finger on my best friend.

  All that I have now is my best friend and my boyfriend, they are the most treasured piece in my heart, and no one is allowed to lay even a tip of their finger to them. Heaven knows how important they are to my life. I will do everything for them.

My best friend and my boyfriend are both assassins too like me. Sheila Rodrigo, she's in the fifth rank Assassin and good in long-range combat, on the other hand, my boyfriend Daniel Garcia is in the third rank and good in short-range combat while me?? I am in the first rank! Yes, I am in the first rank so meaning I am good in both long and short combat.

I know how to use different kinds of weapons it's either long or short length, guns, knives, whips, archers long and short distances, and so on.

Yes, how am I able to become first in rank if I don't even know how to use such a thing right?

  But even if I am the best, ranked as number one and prodigy in this field of work I also have weaknesses. Yes, you heard it right. I have weaknesses as well and those are the two-person that I oath to protect in this lifetime.

  Anyway, it is my birthday today so I am hoping that there is nothing wrong going on with my best friend or else it is not good.

  Back to the situation, when I arrived at the lobby I immediately enter, the receptionist already knows me which is why they just let me in without any further questions. They just give me the spare key to my best friend's condo unit and done.

  I walked as fast as I could the moment the elevator stopped on the exact floor. My heart began to beat faster, and I felt nervous because I don't know the reason. My hand began to tremble when I start to enter the key in the keyhole. Damn! why am I feeling nervous?

  When I finally enter, the room was so quiet, and dark. I walked slowly but I heard something like a soft moan, what the hell??? moan? I walk slowly and silently as I followed those moans that become louder and louder as I become nearer, My heart and hand again began to beat fast and tremble and my anger began to rose as I saw the trousers of my boyfriend together with the undies and shirt of my best friend at the floor trailed up to the very own door that is now slightly open.

  There I saw my boyfriend at the top of my best friend rocking each other and enjoying the pleasure of their unfathomable mistake ...What the hell?

  How dare they! My life turned upside down as I heard the pleasure of their moan and the word that rocked my whole being.

  "Who is better, lovelier, and the most delicious dish that you ever taste? Me or that fool and stupid Azura?" My fucking best friend asked.

  "Baby really?? Do you really need to ask such an obvious thing? Of course, you are the most delicious dish that I ever had and nothing would really compare to how good you are especially in bed! Not like that loser." My boyfriend answered and my tears began to flow for the first time after I become an assassin.

   My whole life was wrecked as I heard those words like a bomb that turned my life outside down. My whole body trembled hard and I felt so much pain in my whole being. I preserved my wholeness for him only to know that it is not what he wanted to do. I lose my grip on the key and it fell to the floor which gets their attention. I can't breathe, and I can't move as if I am glued to where I left standing while crying. Looking at the man who immediately stood together with my snake best friend and walked down the bed naked. The very own man who I oath to protect and wish to stay forever. The man that I loved the most.

  "Oh, the great loser already arrive? Happy birthday bestfriend.. Do you like our surprise?" she asked me and laugh like a lunatic. They even kissed in front of me like no tomorrow. This, I feel numb. looking at the two important people, watching their greatest betrayal.

  "How dare you? How dare you?! You both fucking asshole. How - How did you do this to me? What did I do to deserve this kind of humiliation and betrayal from the person I trusted the most? " They both just smirked.

  " Your mistake? Is trusting us without even knowing who really we are. Bye, my best friend." With that, I did not even have a chance to defend myself as my boyfriend pulled the trigger straight to my forehead.

back to reality

And now I wiped off the tears that started to fall from my eyes.