The Alpha's King Human Mate

The Alpha's King Human Mate


Werewolf | Updating

Annalise is a beautiful young cheerful woman who once had everything but now left with nothing. While lurking in the woods aimlessly Annalise found shelter in the arms of Ethan, a handsome stranger who, unknown to her, isn't human but the strongest Alpha in existence. What will Ethan do, upon learning that his mate in whom he has searched the entire world for is actually a human, a thing that is considered a taboo in the lands of 'were,' and what will Annalise do upon learning the true identity of whom in whose arms she has taken refuge in and might be the cause of her misfortune? Two worlds apart will they find love in each other's arms, and let go of their past?
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Running, so dark that I couldn't see clearly, my legs kept hitting small sticks on the floor in the forest. I continued running ignoring the pain I felt in my legs. Don't think I can hold on much longer but, I must get out of this forest or won't make it alive. Crying I ran, remembering how it started.

*Six Months Ago.*

Standing, I heard the sound of fake tears around me, some were throwing themselves on the floor dramatically just for attention. Ignoring them I look at my beloved father lying lifeless in the white coffin, my heart broken. I watched as he was taken in the bush, buried like a pauper with no home. Holding my chest tightly, I cried so hard.

My dad had a surgery done on him, he was suffering from intestinal cancer. Taken to one of the best hospitals we could afford in Ohio, he had his surgery done and it was successful. My mom and I rejoiced upon hearing the news, but we weren't there to welcome him home.

We weren't also able to take care of him during his stay in the hospital. At that time, I was far from home writing my final exams in Paris. My mother on the other hand was on a business trip in the UK covering for my dad since he wasn't feeling too well.

Our absence created a perfect opportunity for our enemies to strike. Three days after my dad was discharged, he died. I couldn't believe my ears, there's no word to describe the pain I felt, the pain of losing a loved one in death. My whole world crashed before my eyes. My heart reached out to my mother

"How will my mother bear this great loss?" All these were thoughts that kept running through my head. If I am devastated then she must be shattered.

They were inseparable, never seen a love like theirs before, doesn't exist anymore. I cried and cried till there were no tears left.

At first I thought his surgery developed complications, but looking at the way my relatives behaved after he died, I doubt it. Since my mom and I were unable to take care of him during those crucial moments, I strongly believe his death was planned.

My aunt was the only one available at the moment to take care of him, and since she was family, his younger sister we felt he was in good hands. After his death, we wanted to have an autopsy done but were stopped by my aunt along with her allies. This further confirmed my suspicion, his death was planned by his own sister.

She took it upon herself to bury him, refusing to give him the befitting burial he deserves. His business and properties were taken from us, leaving us with nothing. My aunt whom I once loved proved to be a conniving snake.The chief anchor in this horrible plot, and leader of them all.

She left my mother and I with nothing. My mother begged and cried but no one listened instead, she was taken away. I watched the scene unfold as I hid in an empty drum, peeping through a small hole. She was beaten and pulled roughly, taken away.

Crying, I couldn't take it anymore. I tried coming out from my hiding place but stopped when I heard my mother's voice.

"No, run Annalise, run. Don't look back."

The drum was covered with dirt so my presence went unnoticed by them. This hiding place was made by my mother in case something of this sort happened. We had nowhere to go because she is an orphan. I will never forget the face of the man who did this to my mother, I promise to have my revenge.

Crying, I sat in the drum waiting patiently till the coast was clear, then I fled. I ran as fast as I could without turning back, no one can be trusted.

With no one to turn to, I forcefully took refuge in an out skirt of a forest in Ohio. The farther I stay away from people the safer I am. Settling down, I tried to think of a way out, a plan to get me out of this hellhole. But first I need to rescue my mother.


Resting in my tent, I heard the tweak sound of wood like someone or something drawing near. This is a forest, it can be anything, even a wild animal. Scared, I stood up peeping through the window of my tent but couldn't see anything, only shadows of movement.

Quickly I escaped through the emergency exit I created in the tent and ran without making a sound, but this thing started chasing me. It must have caught my scent, that is the only explanation.

"This only means one thing, whatever is chasing me isn't human but a wild animal" I said to myself.

Gasping, I increased my speed entering the forest, running as fast as I could. But no matter how fast I run, the animal seems to catch up with me. I can't hold on much longer, my legs are aching but I ignore the pain I am feeling and keep on running.

I Needed to rest but the fear of being devoured by an animal overpowered me and I ignored my instincts. Still running, I pushed myself harder, entering the forest more and more without realizing it, until I was lost.

Still running, I looked round panting, trying to find a safe place or an escape route all the while praying for a miracle.

"I need to get out of here alive, no I can't die, not now." Crying uncontrollably, I said to myself. "But how?" I wonder.

I keep running in circles. From the thickness of the cloud I can tell it will rain soon and be very heavy. Suddenly, I hit my leg on a hard log of wood.

"Ah!" I screamed.

Falling hard on the ground, I hit my head, everything went blank slowly losing consciousness