Still Want You

Still Want You

Author:Iqra Mohammad

Modern | Updating

THE SEQUEL OF FINALLY FOUND YOU Have you ever fallen in love with somebody deeply but he turned out to be your future brother-in-law? Yes, you heard it right, Laura had never thought in her wildest dream that she would fall in love with her sister's man, Augustus. To get his attention, she did all the silly things, and to hide her embarrassment she later flew away to Boston to move on but who knows that her return would bring all the memories back and she would again yearn for his attention. And there was another man, Steven who had run away from his past and wanted to live in peace without any existence of love in his life. He had no idea that the place where he was going would not help him to escape but to trap him back into ‘LOVE’ Meeting the broken soul of Laura, he somehow saw his own younger existence in her and that pulled him closer to her. Unknowingly, he had fallen for her but would Laura be also able to fall for him, or would she still stay stuck at her first forbidden love, her brother-in-law, Augustus?
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Burn! Something was burning inside her limbs as if she was in an oven, pushing her to take off all her clothes to cool off.

However, her hands seemed to be bound by something and her body was also suppressed by a force-she couldn't move!

Laura wanted to call for help, but her lips were suddenly captured by something-something that is soft, cool, and seducing, making her unable to resist.

It was a man! Laura finally realized this when he opened her mouth with his tongue domineeringly and tenderly.

A moan came out of her mouth involuntarily while his kisses trailed down her cheek, then her collarbone, and then her breast.

Her remaining sanity told her that she shouldn't let him continue, but her sweaty body couldn't help but get close to him

Was she going to lose her virginity? ! Do not! Laura frowned and tried to open her eyes, but all her efforts were in vain. And his kisses became more wild and her legs were pushed apart.

Pain! A sharp pain came between her legs just as Laura was thinking about how to get out of him. And then his magnetic voice whispered while kissing her earlobe.

"Shh, don't move, I'm here to love you."


The alarm went off by the loud click as Laura opened her eyes and saw her roommate, Tina gruffing while holding a bowl of cereal in her hand as she kicked Laura's butt and made her moved.

"Seriously, I am going to kill you for this weird alarm clock. Like who bloody hell buy alarm clock these days huh..?"

Laura rubbed her slightly painful butt as she turned and then tried to open her sleepy eyes while complaining. "You're so loud."

"Hah.... Me? Darling...." Tina snorted as she shoves a mouth full of cereals in her mouth eating it with the loud chewing sound.

"You were the one moaning loudly just now.. Don't tell me you're again dreaming about that Rascal..?" She asked while raising her brow.

Laura sat up tiredly as she nodded her head in embarrassment.

"Bloody hell.. Did you see him?" She asked anxiously.

"No..... I was supposed to see his face but you idiot as usual woke me up." Laura said dis pleasingly as she snatched the bowl of cereal from her hand and started eating showing her anger.

"Huh.. I just don't understand. Should I laugh at you for giving your virginity to a complete stranger? Or should I feel pity for you for still having the dream of him when in reality you don't even remember anything about him?"

"Hmm I am also confused. I had never thought of losing my virginity like this. I wonder all strange things God has written in my life." Laura said disdainfully as a sad smile crept over her face remembering her strange attraction towards Augustus.

"Strange or Unique. Darling, you're unique." As Tina saw her being sad, she cheered her up as she kissed her cheek.

"Yuck..." Laura didn't like to be kissed on her face as she quickly showed her disgust but Tina was used to her and she always did that to tease her more.

"Hehehe now get up and be ready. We're going late for school." Tina chuckled and then snatched back her bowl from her hand.

"Let me finish it.." Laura protested but Tina just grinned at her while stepping out of the room.

Laura cursed her behind. "Bitch..."

"Hehe at least I know who took my virginity." Tina's mocking voice came from the outside making Laura more embarrassed.

She stood up angrily and slammed the bathroom door as she got ready for her school.

After 10 minutes, she was already in her uniform with her backpack behind.

"Let's go." She told Tina showing a slight cold attitude to her.

"Here.." Tina handed her an apple to eat she took it as they both stepped out of their little studio and then locked it behind.

"Come on Laura... I was joking.." Tina said as they started walking to their school.

"It wasn't funny Tina.." Laura told her seriously as she continued eating her apple.

"Fine.. Sorry. But you should stop dreaming about him as you're going back to your sister. I bet she won't like to hear what I always hear in the morning besides that alarm.." she winked mischievously at her as Laura slapped her arm in annoyance.

"Shut up, I just can't help it. I need to find that man and also that money.... that Jerk took me as a prostitute. How dare he?" Laura started heeling agitated.

Three nights before she went to a nightclub with her friend Tina.

It was a gloomy day, she had received a call from her sister Lisa, insisting that she should be present at their reception. And it was the call that brought Laura back into the painful memories-her first forbidden love.

After a year, she thought that she could have forgotten that man, but the truth was not. When she heard that she was about to meet him again, tshe immediately felt pain in her heart as if she was being bitten by thousands of ants. She could not bear it .

She needed to find something to distract herself.

And Tina, her best friend, witnessed all her struggles, so she took her to the city's most expensive nightclub, despite Laura's objections.

She forced her to drink wholeheartedly to drink down all her sadness and start her life afresh relieve herself from the depressing past memories and move on happily.

As they both got highly drunk, Tina was busted in the washroom while someone took Laura away with him and she had sex with that man, she didn't remember anything after that.

Just when she woke up feeling sore, she found a huge bundle of stacks at the side of the bed with a note on it.

"You're virginity price."

She crumpled that note in her hand angrily and walked out of the room to find Tina who was accompanied by a polite waiter. Laura asked the waiter about the room where she was taken to, but he told them that except the Manager nobody knows about it- because the man who stayed here is very mysterious and he would come here seldom.

Laura and Tina frowned when they heard it. They both felt like this man seemed a danger so they gave up the idea to find out about him or to fight with him.

But Laura still felt uncomfortable as she was angry and ashamed of herself-how could she so easily let someone take advantage of her?

The next day, she put her courage and came back to the club again, but the manager straightly refused to tell anything about that man and even kicked her out of the club.