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Author:Sakura's diamonds


Jeonghan pulled me as he sat on top of my bed and I stumbled on his lap facing him. I felt my heart beating so fast inside my chest, blood rushing to every vein in my body. He touched my chin with his two fingers and I had no choice but to look at him straight in the eyes. Those intense and attractive eyes that melts my heart everytime he looks at me. And before I can even think of something to say, he locked his lips with mine. I closed my eyes and kissed him back trying to mirror what he's doing. He put his hands on my back and nape. "Yoo-mi, I've been longing to do this." He pulled me into another kiss and I circled my arms around his neck. The kiss sent me all kinds of sparks through my body and I could no longer hold my moan. "Don't hold it babe. Moan for my name. I want you to moan for my name over and over again." *************************************************************************** In which a guy asked his neighbour for her wifi password in return for a kiss. Will she be able to resist his charm when in fact, she's been in love with his neighbour since they moved into that house. What if he found out that her wifi password was his name?
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I just got home from school and I entered my bedroom, hurriedly putting down my school things on top of my study table.

I sat down on my bed with the intention to lay down for a minute before changing my uniform but I was surprised when I saw Yoon Jeonghan talking someone on the phone.

I could see his room perfectly through my window. This guy was my handsome neighbor since my seventh grade. He was at the same school as mine and he was 2 years ahead of me but that didn't stop me from liking him.

Yes, I have liked him since the first time I saw him. No, I loved him! Because he was handsome, so handsome that he gained popularity in the school wherein he's also the captain of the school's basketball team.

Everything about him was beyond perfect. For me? Yes, only for me. However, I thought he has never noticed me. We never talked or exchanged even a simple glance. And I really feel sad about that. He was a snob, a real snob and I really don't know what to do for him to notice me.

He was handsome and popular but a playboy one, but that didn't change my feelings for him because I knew one day, he will notice me. He will love me and will marry me someday. We will have children, one daughter and five sons.

Yes, because we will make a basketball team and our daughter will be the muse. That's what I was always dreaming of, and I know it will happen someday.

I smiled from my daydreaming and suddenly stood up to go to the bathroom when I heard him calling me. "Hey!"

I turned my heels and I met his chocolatey brown eyes. I was really surprised. It was the first time that he was trying to make a conversation with me. "M-Me?" I stuttered. Is this the beginning? Oh God, help me.

"Yeah! Who else?!" His voice was emotionless, irritated. But I ignored it. I was happy he was talking to me.

"W-why?" I silently scolded myself for stuttering again, making his lips curved into a small smile. Breathe Yoo-Mi. You have to breathe to stop yourself from being nervous.

"What's your wifi password?" he suddenly asked.

"What?" I asked him again. Did he just ask me what's my wifi password? I thought he's trying to make friends with me but I think I was wrong.

"My internet was cut off! Mom forgot to pay the bill!" Now, it's clear! Wifi password, my ass!

I furrowed my eyebrows and walked closer to close my window. Idiot! I wanted to tell him but I just can't!

"Yoo-Mi, dinner is ready!" I heard mom calling me.

"I'm coming mom!" I shouted back and ran my way towards my bedroom door.

"Hey wait! Hey!" I could hear Jeonghan calling me but I ignored him and shut the door closed.

"How's school, Yoo-Mi?" Mom started asking me while we eat dinner.

"Fine mom." I answered shortly.

She's the best mother in the world even though she doesn't spend a lot of time with me due to her job. She's a nurse and she worked 12 hours a day or more. I knew she was doing everything to give me a better future.

After having dinner, I went upstairs to my room and did my homeworks. Then I took a quick shower and readied myself to sleep.


I was in the middle of my beautiful dream when a loud music woke me up. Irritated, I sat up and looked at the clock. 1:45 am it said.

I stood up and walked like a zombie to my window and there was Yoon Jeonghan bobbing his head up and down with the beat of the music.

"Hey!" I called for him but he didn't hear me. "Hey Yoon Jeonghan!" But he stayed still.

His head was still bobbing from the loud music that was coming from his large speaker.

I reached for a piece of paper, crumpled it and threw it at him that made it hit the top of his head. Bulls-eye.

"What the fuck?!" He lifted his gaze and looked up at me. "What do you want?"

Those beautiful eyes met mine again and my world just stopped. Now what? I felt my cheeks burning and I swallowed hard, fighting to find my voice.

"C-can you lower down your music?"

"What? What? I can't hear you!" I knew he was just teasing me because I could see the way he smirked as his eyes turned back to his laptop and his finger tapped on the mouse choosing for the next song to play.

I stomped my feet and clenched my teeth in annoyance as I got back to my bed. I growled in frustration because I could still hear his loud music so I just covered my ears with my pillow.

Then suddenly, I felt something hit my feet. I slowly got up and saw that it was the crumpled paper that I threw on him. He threw it back at me! I picked the paper from my bed and opened it only to find words written on it.

"Wifi password for a kiss?"

What the fuck?! I felt my cheeks burning really hot and I just stared at the paper like I was a fool. I kept reading it again and again making sure that I wasn't dreaming.

A cold breeze gave me chills and I quickly stood up to close my window when I saw Jeonghan climbing over the tree bark. I watched as he held onto my equilibrium and jumped inside my room.

My eyes widened as I stepped backwards when he started walking closer towards me. Oh my God! Was he going to kiss me now?

"So, you want a kiss or you'll give me your password?"