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Darkest Desires

Darkest Desires



Ronald, you have to stop, you are my brother, we shouldn't be doing this," Arya whispered in her brother's ear as his hand traced her smooth legs, moving slowly upwards to her v-area we shouldn't be doing this yet you are holding me tight, we shouldn't be doing this yet you are dripping wet and you can't push me away, admit it, Arya, you want this as much as I do, I know it's wrong but we can't help it," Ronald muttered gently nibbling on her earlobe while his hand finally touched her treasure. he caressed it gently making sure she enjoys every bit of it. Ronald," she moaned with her eyes closed and her fingers digging into his skin. yeah, louder sis," he said gently sucking on her neck making sure to leave hickeys. Ronald and Arya benson are blood siblings, but couldn't stop themselves from growing deep erotic feelings for each other despite being under the same roof with their parents. will their parents find out about their dirty secret? will their love be accepted by the society? let's find out!!!!
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Arya stirred and let out a low moan as she felt a hand rubbing her butt, she knows she shouldn't be enjoying it but she found herself rocking back and forth as the hand continued caressing her butt.

She could feel herself getting wet.

Arya, you are enjoying being touched by your brother in the dream, get a grip of yourself," she mentally screamed at herself and quickly opened her eyes only to meet the smiling face of her brother sitting beside her bed with his hands placed on her butt.

She screamed out in fright and he quickly clasped his hands over her mouth.

"Why are you screaming? Do you want to wake mom and dad? He whispered softly watching her as she breathed heavily like someone who ran a marathon.

He made sure she calmed down before slowly removing his hands from her mouth.

"Ronald, what did you do that for? It's very creepy, what is wrong with you? She half yelled making sure her voice is low enough not to wake her parents.

"What are you talking about? What did I do? I only came to wake you up to prepare for school," he said innocently.

"Who asked for your help? I have my alarm to do the job for me," she snapped.

"Are you kidding me? Your alarm rang like an hour ago but you, my dear sister are already used to switching off your phone and going back to sleep," he replied cockily.

She smacked her lips angrily not knowing what else to say.

Ronald has always had a way of winning every argument, it had helped him escape so many punishments from their parents.

"Well... You... You... Didn't have to do it that way," she stated.

"What way? He asked and her eyes widened in shock.

He was having fun watching her shift uncomfortably on the bed not knowing how to say it out.

"You know what you did," she snapped

"I honestly don't," he replied with a smirk.

"Ronald what is messing with your brain? You touched my butt, you didn't only touch it, you were rubbing and caressing it, why are you acting like you had a memory loss or something? She snared angrily with clenched teeth.

"Woah, chill girl, I only tapped you to wake you up from sleep, you were the one rocking my hand, don't try to pin this on me," he said staring innocently at her.

"I.... I......wasn't... I. Wasn't rocking, I thought it was a dream," she stuttered with a confused look.

She looked so cute, that he wanted nothing at that moment more than to just grab her and kiss her so badly.

But sadly he couldn't, she's his kid sister and it's wrong to have this thoughts but he couldn't stop himself from the raging feelings that is strongly growing inside of him.

The more he tried to stop it, the more a deep dark place in his heart craves her so badly.

He has been doing a great job controlling himself over the past years, but these few months, the demon inside of him has been fighting to be unleashed from its cage.

Unknown to him, she feels the same way too.

"So who were you dreaming about? He asked pissing her off the more.

"You rotten animal, get the hell out of my room right now," she yelled throwing her pillows at him and he quickly ran out of the room laughing.

"Ronald, Arya, what is wrong with the both of you, keep it low, you are disturbing the whole house, " their mom shouted from her room which is two rooms away from Arya's room.

"Mom it's Arya, she switched off her alarm again, I came to wake her up and she's being ungrateful," Ronald replied, his voice coming out so innocent.

Trust Ronald to always find a way to turn every situation around in his favour.

"Arya, how many times do you have to be told to stop doing that? Now get up and prepare for school," they heard their dad say and Ronald smiled at his victory.

"Arya, you heard that right? Get up and prepare for school, you are running late," he teased.

"I hate you Ronald," she yelled from her room.

"I love you too sis," he replied laughing as he walked back to his room.

"What is this feeling," Arya muttered to herself, as she stood up reluctantly and entered the bathroom.

Getting into the bathroom, she quickly stripped off her clothes and took her hand down between her legs.

She almost screamed at how soaking wet she is down there.

It's one thing to have wet dreams about your brother, but it's an entirely different thing to be dripping so wet from it.

'What is going on with you Arya? she seems to be asking herself this same question for the past couple of months.

She can't seem to wrap her fingers around this strange feelings she's starting to develop for her brother.

But one thing she know for sure is that it isn't in any way related to brotherly and sisterly affection.

This is an entirely different sensation and feeling raging like a burning fire inside of her that she can't seem to be able to quench.

"Whatever these feelings are Arya, don't do something stupid," she scolded herself and continued preparing for school.


"Morning dad, morning mom," Arya greeted as she climbed down the stairs heading towards her parents in the sitting room.

She was already dressed for school.

"Morning beauty, how was your night? Her dad asked.

"Good, I have to go now, I can't have breakfast, am running, I will grab Something at school," she replied and went over to give them a peck each on the cheeks.

"There will be no need for that love, I have your lunch box packed up already," her mom said handing over the lunch box to her.

"Mom, don't you think am too old for this? I can always grab something at school you know," She pouted

Sometimes, she gets fed up of how her parents treat her like a child, it makes her feel she's still a baby that needs all the care she can get.

"Common baby Arya, you know mummy can cook better than your chefs at school," her mom replied.

"Mom I've told you to stop calling me baby Arya," she pouted.

"But you will always be my baby Arya," her mom pouted too mimicking her voice and action.

Her dad busted into laughter.

"Am off to school," she said angrily and started walking away.

"Bye baby, have a nice day at school, I love you," her dad shouted after her.

"Bye, love you," she replied curtly and walked out.