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The Devil Is My Guardian

The Devil Is My Guardian



One thing I'll always remember is my parents saying "Everyone has a story""Everyone has a story with a past, tragic or not. Everyone has a story that is meant to go unjudged, even if it was never told"But sometimes we forget that.Like when I though that my guardian was the devil.Even though he taught me how to laugh, how to protect, and even possible how to love.I only asked one thing "Why?"I still remember the one phrase that changed my life"Let me carry her"This one single and normal phrase was said by none other than Cooper Kingsley, our school's and town's bad boy.He was the championship boxer who drove a motorcycle and got into trouble frequently. He's the guy with brown hair that looked soft enough to run my fingers through, the guy with irresistible cold blue eyes and the guy with a built and strong body that made girls crazy.He wasn't your typical player either; no he was just hard to get- A complete tease.And the fact that he would volunteer to help a girl like this, was not n
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Ava Chance.

Once I hit the volleyball, it flew from my arms and over the net, scoring the winning point for my team. They all enthusiastically erupted in screams as they all ran at each other for hugs. Me being the shy person I am, backed away.

Unfortunately, being the clumsy person I am, I fell, twisting my ankle, resulting in me falling, screaming, and crying as I hit the ground. All I felt was pain, soaring up my ankle to my knee and so on. I held onto my ankle as if it would somehow magically make all the pain go away.

But the pain wasn't going away. Damn it.

The whole gym stopped what they were doing and surrounded me with curious eyes, making me the centre of attention.

With my dead blue eyes, flat brown hair, average height, and childish behaviour, I was bland and boring. So not often was I the centre of attention.

But right now I was.

And it was absolutely terrifying.

Coach Harris' whistle being blown snapped my head up and towards where the crowd was opening, only to let Coach Harris in.

"Ava, you're holding up practice. Get up." Coach said, oblivious to my obvious pain.

"I—I Can't." I said quietly.

"What?" He said cupping his ears, indicating for me to be louder.

"I said, I can't." with a bit more power.

"Louder!" Coach snapped angrily.

"I said, I can't!" I screamed when the whole gym went silent and stared at me with wide eyes.

"And why not?"

See, this is what I hated about Coach Harris. He loved seeing me squirm, always singling me out, and always looked at me with hungry, lustful eyes, like a lion that hasn't seen a female in a year.

Yeah, that bad.

"M—my ankle; I twisted it."

"Oh, really?" He looked at me with almost daring eyes, as I slowly nodded.

"Alright Ava, since you claim you can't walk, I'm going to carry you down to the nurses office." Looking at me with those same familiar starving eyes.

"NO! I—I mean — I can try to walk." Getting up, I bit my lip while trying to hold in my sobs and screams, as tears silently ran down my face.

Honestly the pain was unbearable, I knew I hadn't broken the ankle; But I wasn't a tough girl. I couldn't hurt a fly, Slap a living being, Or yell at anyone. I knew I was a wuss.

And then I fell back down.

"Come on Ava, I don't bite." He winked at me, causing the bile to rise in my throat.

Slowly, Coach Harris came down to my level; his arms sliding under my knees a little too close to my butt for my liking.

But before Coach could actually lift me up...

"Coach, wait!"

"Yes, Son?" Coach groaned as he stood up, turning to — well I don't know 'cause he was still in the crowd of people.

"Let me carry her."

Stepping forward was none other Cooper Kingsley, our schools and town's bad boy. Cooper was a championship boxer, drove a motorcycle, and it's a known fact he'd been to jail four times... this year.

His brown hair that looked soft enough to run my fingers through quite easily, his blue cold eyes that run girls crazy and his built, strong body didn't help anyone's feelings either.

And one other thing. Cooper wasn't your average player, no he was just plain hard to get. Only a few girls have had the pleasure to get a peck from him, and nobody is known to of have ever gotten in bed with him. It wasn't normal for him to volunteer like this, just to help a normal girl.

Everyone's eyes were on us, and had a mixed look of confusion and jealousy. Mine was probably just the first...

"I can do it." Coach answered firmly.

"Coach, you have a gym to teach." He persuaded.

"It'll be quick." Coach replied, this time not as firmly.

"You will be quicker if you let me carry her." More persuading...

"I can d—"

"I'm sure she'd rather me." Cooper said rather smugly along with a wink towards me.

Someone has a big ego...

"Fine." Coach replied as he stalked off to the other side of the gym, pushing kids in the progress.

Cooper slowly approached me, as everyone around us had their mouths hanging open. Heck, I probably did too!

"Close your mouth or you'll catch flies." He whispered, verifying my theory.

Slowly, Cooper's soft touch slid under my knees and around my back, picking me up like I weighed nothing. With a blank expression on his face, he strolled out of the gym with me in his arms.

This was going to be a long walk, considering the nurse's office was on the other side of the school.

And we have a big school. YAY

Note Sarcasm


I played with my fingers, not knowing where they're supposed to go, as I looked down at the tile floors. Cooper stared right ahead with no expression.

I probably smelt like sweat with a mixture of perfume right now. God help me.