Let’s Read The World

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Author:Setiyele M.


One night was all it took to turn Sabrina's world into one of horror. A murderer walks into her house and takes everything she holds dear. With her life hanging by the thread she finds herself clawing her way through the dark forest to stumble into a world she was born to find yet she did not belong in. Nothing is right, she has to fight for a man she was born to love and to hold -- the devilishly handsome alpha. After losing all, she knew she was not going to lose the only person who made everything better. With nearly all females challenging her claim to her mate she has to fight her way to hold his heart.
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I leaned on the door, my eyes closed with the cool breeze kicking in and sending my hair from my face as I took a deep breath with exhaustion crushing on me leaving my shoulders sagging more than they already were. I sighed, turning around and opening the door sure my mother was just there waiting to hear how it went but I was tired of bringing the same news day after day, tired of the rejection. I took off my shoes and as thought I heard her as she came rushing to snuggle me in a hug, a hug I needed, drowning in her arms with her smelling like home, heaven. She pulled back, a fat smile on her face with her golden locks bouncing on her back, eyes filled with nothing but love and hope it had all my worry melt away. The day had been utterly the worst, going door to door, a fat smile on my face with hundreds of envelops in my hand literally begging for a job at that point.

"A minute of your time please," I would beg, mentioning my name then stating my matter as it was with the envelope dropped off. Who said good grades would immediately get you a job. It was hard out there and I was getting desperate. Each day waking up to grovel for a job that seemed I would not get anytime soon. I sighed, letting mother drag me away.

My mother's arms made it all better, the drift of her overly sweet perfume, nearly making me sneeze yet it being so familiar and smelling like home.

"How did it go love?" She asked, her voice as if a thousand angels singing all at once but of course I was biased, I had to be, she was my mother of course.

I shook my head, not even wanting to talk at how disappointed I was. It had been rough, door after door closing with no one hiring yet there was nothing that cured any bad day as hot cocoa and mother's chatter.

I sat on the kitchen island, placing all my things on the counter too tired to even take my bag and envelopes to my room. She was quick to make a sandwich and hot cocoa, sliding it to me as I thanked her, watching her continue with her cooking.

It seemed like she was flying, her feet gentle on the floor, her movements fast with her at home in the kitchen. My mother loved cooking, lost in her world with a tune picking up now and again. It was funny how easy it was to forget all the fights, forget the screams and curses as I stared at her, forget the mood swings that could put a pregnant woman to shame for at that moment my mother seemed like a totally different person.

By the time my father walked through the door, the house was smelling of nothing but heaven. I rushed up to take my shower then came back down ready to eat and slide into bed for the following day would also be a nightmare and I was so exhausted. We sat down, dad telling us of the big promotion he knew he would get. He deserved it, he worked hard, so hard he was rarely home and when he was the house was usually filled with those shouts that had me robbed of sleep, tossing and turning until one walked out of the house with the car pulled from the drive way.

I plated my food with absolutely no chatter in the table, just awkward silence which had me quick to swallow my food, take my plate to the kitchen where I washed it and packed it away. I could suddenly hear some chatter, good for them, saying my goodnights and walking up to my room where I drowned myself in some music until sleep came and claimed me dreading it really for it brought tomorrow.

My eyes fluttered open suddenly, the dark all that I saw with my heart beating from my throat, perplexed on what was happing. My eyes ran around the dark room with them falling on dark ones that stared down at me with nothing but such hunger. A swift movement of my body had such pain shoot down my body looking to see something silver with my warm blood trickling and covering it as everything came crushing on what was happening with the fear so much I thought I would die, lord, if only.

His eyes stared down at me with such intensity and I had knew what he had done and what he was about to do. The fear consumed me whole, my body scrambling down and to that he pressed the knife even deeper, drawing blood that danced its way down my throat. How such a normal night could turn so brutal. My cries filled my ears and all I could think about was my parents. I just knew, I knew that if he was in my room then he had went through the other rooms in the house and my heart could not take the grief. You could see it in those dark pools that he was not there to leave a soul still breathing.

He was there to take all the life out of that house, our house.

He was a giant for his form was all I could see with his dark clothes blending in the darkness. It felt like the darkness had just spit him out from the darkest and deepest pit in hell. My body shook so much I thought I would shutter, the tears just streaming down my face for my fate was sealed.

The thought to scream never drifting into my mind, just frozen in place with my mind having conjured all the worst scenarios possible.

The intruder's hand grabbed my arm, yanking me from the bed so painfully with my form collapsing just at his feet. I could hear the rumble in his chest, the approval with him deciding he liked me on my knees yet it seemed escaping was all in his mind at that moment.

Each step taken felt like a stab to my heart, seeing him take me to my death yet nothing I could do. He pushed me down the stairs, my legs buckling as I went crumbing on the stairs, my world upside down for a split second only to come back up. In my head I was praying for nothing but death at that moment for death by a fall was better than what the unknown man had planned for me. His hands gripped me up, my feet scrambling up as he rushed down the stairs but suddenly my hands were wet, liquid dripping from them as I brought them up and my world wet shuttering.

Blood, blood everywhere.

My bare feet slipped down the stairs and my mind was shouting, screaming for me not to look down but it was too late for my eyes had already taken all the blood on the floor. It like it had been spilled, my heart as if someone had stabbed me over and over again.

I had never screamed so loud in my life, feeling as if my soul was tearing with my legs crumbling as loss hit me hard. The tears blinded me, a sob so loud and so horrific leaving me completely torn apart. I could not take it, my mind trying to make sense yet finding it hard to. My form bent down, my feet up in the air, kicking as the man wrapped his arms around my waist and held me with such force I thought I would split into half.

He was strong, his strength matching his form, ready to walk out of there with me yet I was also ready to die than let him carry me with him. I screamed so loud, screamed until my vocals felt like they would tear. It was a cry for help, it was a cry that could tear worlds apart for mine was broken and shuttered. My arms moved, kicking and punching with all I had as the adrenaline kicked in yet the man kept on walking.

I wanted him to kill me, I wanted him to kill me like he did my parents for he was not taking me with him. I fought with all I had and when all your best doesn't work it is then that realization sinks in. It rained on me like cold water as he walked through the back yard, running with me in his arms. I screamed as if my body was on fire, seeing the houses nearby turn their lights on yet they were too slow. My screams had him run faster, hearing his panting as he tore through the forest as if I was not heavy in his arms. He had done this before, he had been in such a situation before. I kicked, screamed and when all had failed I could not help the sob that came with the panic. Pleas escaped my mouth, not even knowing who I was begging yet begging with all I had. I prayed and prayed, the distance growing with the hope diminishing little by little until all hope was lost.

I kept thinking of all the things he would do, kept thinking of all the things he would do to my body and I could not bear it with my body violently shaking. The smell of him was so strong and so distasteful, wishing I could choke on my own cries and die.

Deep he had went, my body thrown over his shoulder, his speed increasing. At that moment it seemed like I had stopped breathing, at that moment, it seemed like I had left my body and was just watching it all unfold before me. It seemed he had gotten far enough for my body went flying to the ground. I hit with my head, everything buzzing all around me as the trees began dancing as if drunk on cheap wine. Everything happened so slow, moving my head to the side, seeing nothing but darkness and moving it to the right, seeing nothing but darkness again, laughing to my face for all I wished was for it to consume me and take me away from there.

My ears were ringing and as they cleared up I swear I heard the trees weep. They wept so loud and it was then that I realized that those were my own sobs echoing all through the forest. I wrapped myself into a ball, his boot coming hard at my face having it bend backwards as if to break. The boot kept coming, his words ringing in my ears and not making sense at all.

I thought I was dying, seeing him pace all around me only to turn with a grin on his face, wide, with excitement finally kicking in as he took a deep breath.

My eyes closed and I thought it was done, yet they peeled open again and he was still be there. I felt his hands on my body, my skin as if maggots crawling on it.

My head turned to the side, vomiting all I had out, my body shivering with his hands pulling the flimsy night dress up. My heart drummed with fear poisoning my stream, I knew I had to act now or I would be dead. It did not matter if I survived for I would be dead inside.

The adrenaline hit like a shot of heroin, kicking in and sending me springing. My cries quickly turned to screams, my hands going for anything nearby to find his face. I dug in his eyes with everything I had, my fingers just pressing on hard with no care the damage that would happen. I wanted to live so I fought with everything I had. All the pain and hurt turned into hate and anger having me scream louder and press harder. My feet kicked, kicked everything that was near me with nothing spared. I was fighting for my life, I was fighting with the evil man who had walked into my house and left it torn apart into pieces. The fat tears escaped, feeling them run down the side of my face as I screamed with such anger as if that would kill him itself. I felt like I was going to explode, my screams meeting with those of the man thrashing and hitting the side of my stomach so hard yet the pain fuelled me. I pressed on harder with such force, a liquid streaming down my hand until the man staggered to fall to the ground.

No one had to tell me as I scrambled up and ran. A voice in my head just kept telling me to run. I ran so fast I could barely see, heaving so hard with my world spinning all around me. I heaved, and heaved, my feet tangling each other nearly having me collapse to the floor yet I caught myself and pushed on harder. I did not stop, never stopped as I ran with all I had with the sob came back up. I ran with the roots tearing my feet apart. The scream tearing through me left me tumbling to the floor. Mud went splashing all over my body, feeling it in my mouth, tasting it in my tongue with it burning in my eyes leaving them bleeding tears to clean my skin away. My body rolled over and over again, everything spinning out of control as I clenched my chest with the pain just threatening to consume me, I wanted it to all stop, the flashes in my mind leaving me in horror with the scream just at the tip of my tongue. The ground shook below me, wishing it would all stop, giving up never having been so tempting yet there was a voice. I could hear it, clear and strong telling me to get up. Breathing was hard, barely seeing anything or even hearing anything.

I shook my head, I could not do this, I could not continue, I did not want to continue living.

"Get up!" The voice was loud, clawing at me, the spirit like a raging fire burning me from the inside. I could feel her, my mother with me, her voice loud in my head telling me to keep on pushing, telling me to keep fighting and I found myself stumbling up with everything hurting so bad.

My foot lay in front of the other, running with the trees swaying all around me. Everything hurt but nothing could compare to the pain that was like the devil scraping my heart with his burning fork.


I could not understand, my feet stumbling yet I caught myself, running even faster with nothing making sense.

My breaths were getting laboured, knowing I could not continue fighting for long, knowing my feet would buckle anytime from there. Everything was spinning so fast not knowing which direction I was running to yet suddenly I was not alone in the middle of the forest.

The sob broke through me, turning and turning around with the figure getting near and near me. It was a wolf, my vision blurry with my head pounding, blood tricking down my face. It was the largest wolf I had ever seen not sure it was really there or if my mind had taken the jump and left me in the brink of insanity.

The wolf crept near and near, my feet moving with my knees finally buckling, my body hitting the ground. I knew I could not go any further, knew there was nothing but death waiting for me. My head hit the ground, my hand following having me lay there with blood slipping to the floor, the earth ready to accept me as its own with my soul slipping away.

I turned my head to the side, the tears just falling, heaving from what I felt inside me. How could everything change in just a few hours?

My hand outstretched, moving towards the wolf that took careful steps, getting near and near with its snout sniffing now and again. I don't know how but I knew it would not hurt me. I watched it moving around me, getting near only to step away. It brought comfort that I would not die alone, made me feel as if I was safe. In my head I was seeing my parents, the smile spread with the tears rolling away. I could see them laughing and kissing in front of me. I could see that smile, that smile that could heal worlds and bring peace to a person. My mother kept flashing, her smile never falling with a halo behind her as if standing at the gates of heaven. I smiled back for I knew I was joining her, I smiled back at her for I knew she was waiting for me.

Her voice rang all in my head.

"I love you baby." The voice kept saying over and over again, my head turning to the side with everything distant, my heart slowing down. My body was picked up, teeth through the clothing that barely covered anything in my body but the flimsy material tore away. My body was numb, my limbs not moving no matter how I tried to roll away from the wolf that seemed to want to devour my body and end my life.

Everything in me shook, my lips harshly quivering, it seeming as if my consciousness was coming back to me with everything coming steady around me. I wanted to scream, wanted to fight of the wolf yet I could not, seemed to be paralysed as his head rolled me over and over until he suddenly lowered to the ground, pushing me with his head to get up. I was perplexed, his snout coming over and over and I don't know why, I don't know why but I found myself climbing on the wolf with it soon taking off, my arms wrapped tightly around its neck.