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Indifferent president chasing ex-wife

Indifferent president chasing ex-wife



Shen Suihuan's husband, Mu Yanzhi, wanted her to kneel down to a mistress! Even more, in order to get the mistress' love, he could even kill her child, make her get cervical cancer... All he needed was to make Shen Suihuan divorce him. However, having loved her husband for more than ten years, Shen endured all the humiliation from her husband and the mistress, still dreaming that someday her husband could love her again. Till she was blinded and disabled, which was caused by her husband, she decided to divorce him. And only when Shen was about to die, Mu Yanzhi found that he actually still loved her...
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"Kneel down!"

Her husband, Mu Yanzhi, wanted her to kneel before a mistress in the hospital!

Shen Suihuan raised her eyes stiffly, and she looked at the handsome man in front of her. Her gaze was lonely and bleak.

The man's cold voice suddenly sounded in Shen Suihuan's ears.

However, such pain was not a big deal at all.

After all, Mu Yanzhi could even get rid of Shen Suihuan's child just for Jian Tong to come back. Mu Yanzhi was the one, who caused Shen Suihuan to be diagnosed with uterine cancer.

Was there anything else he couldn't do?

"How many times do you want me to repeat myself? It's none of my business that Jian Tong's asthma acted up!"

Jian Tong came back to claim back her power in front of Shen Suihuan. She even asked Mu Yanzhi to divorce Shen Suihuan by telling her Mu Yanzhi didn't love her.

Shen Suihuan was so angry that she slapped Jian Tong. After that, Jian Tong's asthma acted up, and she was sent to the hospital.

Mu Yanzhi was sure that it was Shen Suihuan's fault, and he dragged her to the hospital to apologize.

How ridiculous! Was Shen Suihuan wrong for slapping a mistress, who came upfront to challenge her?

Mu Yanzhi's gaze was cold. He grabbed Shen Suihuan's chin, and he mocked her, "How is it none of your business? Who else would hurt Jian Tong if it weren't you? You evil witch! I told you before not to touch Jian Tong. I don't think you're deaf, instead, you're evil!"


Shen Suihuan was stunned for a moment when she heard him. She felt as if her heart had fallen into a cold hell.

Shen Suihuan was in pain, but her heart was in more pain. It was suffocating.

Yes, Shen Suihuan was indeed deaf. Without a special hearing device, she could not hear anything.

"Me? Hurt her? She is a fake, a mistress. Doesn't she deserve this?"

It was unknown which word hit Mu Yanzhi's sore spot. His eyes glared in fury, and he said fiercely, "If you hadn't drugged me and slept with me, Jian Tong would have been my wife now."


Whether or not Shen Suihuan wanted to admit it, the woman Mu Yanzhi loved the most was Jian Tong.

Shen Suihuan was the real daughter of the Jian family, while Jian Tong was just a random child, who the Jian family took in by mistake!

Shen Suihuan suffered a lot in the poor Shen family. Her adoptive father often abused her until she became deaf when she was a child.

As for Jian Tong, she became the daughter of a wealthy family, the Jian family.

Jian Tong was afraid that Shen Suihuan, the legitimate daughter of the Jian family, would go back to the Jian family and would steal what once belonged to her. Therefore, Jian Tong deliberately slandered Shen Suihuan and said that Shen Suihuan has changed her asthma pills for sleeping pills. Jian Tong framed Shen Suihuan for wanting to kill her!

As if all of that was not enough. Jian Tong even drugged Mu Yanzhi, and she wanted to sleep with him to stabilize her position.

However, Mu Yanzhi went into the wrong room, and he slept with Shen Suihuan. Jian Tong was so sad that she went abroad.

After that, Shen Suihuan bore the crime of seducing her brother-in-law. She was then treated like a vicious woman who got married to Mu Yanzhi due to an unplanned pregnancy.

"It's not me who drugged you, it's Jian Tong!" Shen Suihuan growled unwillingly. Her eyes were bloodshot red. "Why won't you believe me, Yanzhi?"

Shen Suihuan was greated with Mu Yanzhi's fierce slap, which made Shen Suihuan stagger. Her cheeks instantly became red and swollen, and her mouth was full of blood.

Shen Suihuan cried uncontrollably.

Mu Yanzhi actually hit Shen Suihuan because of the mistress, Jian Tong.

"How can I believe you when you can even kill your adoptive mother? You don't deserve my trust!" Mu Yanzhi pushed Shen Suihuan away coldly. It was as if the sight of her was extremely disgusting.

Shen Suihuan reached out her trembling hand to pull Mu Yanzhi's sleeve. "I didn't do it! I wasn't the one who killed her, it was—"

Jian Tong.

Jian Tong didn't want to go back to the Shen family to suffer, so she forced her adoptive mother to die, and she blamed everything on Shen Suihuan.

Before Shen Suihuan could finish her sentence, Jian Tong, who was in a coma on the hospital bed, slowly woke up.

Mu Yanzhi, who was furious a second ago, immediately showed tenderness in his eyes as soon as he saw Jian Tong.