Her Reborn: Merciless Revenge

Her Reborn: Merciless Revenge


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Though in adversity, Teagan didn't give up hope instead she keeps on trying her best for life. She was accused of infidelity and people see her as a shameless and vulnerable person. She was confined in an old laboratory for experiments and her stepsister and stepmother framed her reason that she was despised by all. But thank God, she has been given another chance to be reborn after her painful death! “I'm going to reverse my miserable fate and make the people who tortured me pay the price!” She will change her past including her ill-fated love for him!
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On the Syracuse, NY. The weather seems bad. Clouds are dark and Murky. The wind brings coldness and resentfulness as if there was a bad omen is about to happen.

An unknown place where the old Facility is located that looks nice before looks like a hunted house now where the extracted organ of humans are piled while covered with a cold atmosphere.

Teagan woke up after hearing such footsteps coming inside the room. Her eyes are vague and both her arms and limbs are tied up with a thick metal rope that caused her wrist to have a contusion. She recalled that her stepsister Disha confined her there three years ago when she became paralyzed after becoming her toy for the experiment.

Disha walked beside Teagan's cot as she crossed her arm glaring at her with disgrace. "Are you having fun this past few days my pitiful dear sister?" She asked as her voice brought abhorrence. She looked at the untouched moldy foods beside Teagan and left a chuckle after picking them up.

"Are you disgusted with the foods I brought you, sis? Sadly, you're more disgusting than this!" She chortled evilly as she throws the food at her.

She was so sick of the torture of her stepmother and stepsister. Starting when her father takes his mistress, Estella; she doesn't know how happiness feels like anymore. It was like all her delightful moments were taken from her by them.

Teagan shows no emotion after what she did. She just felt numb, used to all of this.

She feels irritated after seeing that Teagan is so boring for not retorting her wicked behavior. She stands straight, and disgust was written all over her face. Disha discussed with her about the Kernicterus Virus Teagan having right now. Being infected with it will not only make a person suffer unbearable pain every day but also they will never last in one month. Yet Teagan was... Very lucky.

Teagan is fortunate for being immune to it but it doesn't mean that she'll not die because of it.

She makes her face close to Teagan as she provokes her for being a good experimental subject in her research. ‘‘It makes me extremely glad for having a special stepsister like you! I don't need to go far away to look for a worthy experimental subject. The person I need is on my side already!’’ She laughed crazily.

Teagan just closed her eyes, not letting herself get emotional and take Disha's words to heart.

Her body was filled with strange hoses that are plugged and connected into her organs. She was pale like paper and her eyes show no interest in her surroundings.

‘‘What do you think my dear sister? Doesn't it feels nice living as a vegetable for the past three years?’’ Disha asked ironically, grabbing the injection on the box from her coat's pocket.

Her expression remains the same. Disha places her hand on the injection, as she walked closer to her. ‘‘Sister, I know you persisted until now for the sake of this antitoxin serum. You should be overjoyed that you will be the first one to taste it!’’ She uttered.

Teagan's eyes widened after hearing the word antitoxin serum. She didn't expect that Disha could make it after three years. Did she finally manage to create the serum? The serum is not something that could be made easily!

Disha's fellow researchers think about how hard Teagan must have had it for the past three years. They knew it! They are all siding in a demon!

“Look, we prepared an antitoxin serum for you right after it was created. You will definitely be cured after I inject this. Are you happy now, sis?’’ She said with a serious tone. ‘‘Sister, you like this don't you? You are very weak right now, if I inject this to you, your former enthusiastic self will be back.’’ She grinned dimly.

Teagan frowned, gritting her teeth as her brows creased. She wants it! She has been craving a cure for years. Disha injected her the K-Virus before but she didn't die instead she experienced agonies worst than death. She has been suffering painful sudden attacks all over her body and it feels like she was pierced with countless needles in every layer of her skin.

Teagan has been enduring those for years. Knowing that Disha is a swindler person, she bit her lips restraining herself to get fooled.

She grabbed the bedding hardly as she closed her eyes again. She acted calm and stated, ‘‘You are the one who infected me with this Virus and now you are dangling the antitoxin serum in front of me? How ridiculous!’’ Teagan sneered. She hates her!

‘‘If I die, I will chase you even I'm a ghost until it's your turn to experience what I've experienced!’’ Her mind whispered.

‘‘You! Sister, I know you don't want to die. How about we make a deal?’’ She remarked as she places the injection's body against her jaw.

Teagan just looked at her without an expression. She knows that if it is about deals that came from Disha, it brings no fortune but sorrow. ‘‘What?’’ She asked curtly.

She smirks as she walked towards the chair next to her. ‘‘How about this, as long as you tell me the passcode to your personal research laboratory, I'll give you the antidote and send you abroad. Sounds good?’’ Disha asked confidently.

Teagan went berserk as she exclaimed belligerently. ‘‘Don't make me laugh, Disha Yu! This is the first time I learn about that there's a person who could actually be so shameless! Not only did you take my entire life, now you want to fool me into giving up my final bit of value? Don't even dream about it!’’

Teagan's important researched results were hidden in her laboratory. It was a gift from her grandparents who just died five years ago.

‘‘You're not willing? How can anything be so important than your life? Didn't you endured until now for this?’' Disha asked arrogantly showing her the serum inside the syringe.

‘‘Besides, you probably don't know this yet, young master Gavin Eadburg got engaged today with his childhood friend, Vivian Hua!’’

“ Back then she and I teamed up and secretly plotted many things against you." She calmly added like it was nothing to her but a game Teagan deserved.

Teagan shivered because of disbelief. "N-No way!" Gavin Eadburg, W-Why? Was it really that wrong for me to love you? Teagan burst out into tears. She knows long ago that Gavin doesn't love her.

Ever since she was a child, the three of them were friends. She developed romantic feelings towards Gavin but after some reason, he distances himself from her. They were engaged since birth by their parents but Gavin didn't want it and he started to hate Teagan for an unknown reason. Vivian is kind towards her and Teagan treats her as her friend as well.

But she didn't realize that it was all a part of Vivian's plan to ruin Teagan's reputation.

"Have you thought about it now? Don't you want to live and take your revenge? Hurry and tell me the passcode to your laboratory-" Disha's words were cut by Teagan.

"Just inject me, you liar!" She declared. Tears rolled out in Teagan's cheeks. "I know that syringe contains poison, if you want me to die, inject it now!"

Disha became furious. "Teagan Yu, stop spouting rubbish! This is an antitoxin serum!" She roared.

Teagan left a smirk as she throws a daggered glare towards Disha. "Disha, you are my younger sister. Do you think I don't understand you? Do you think I can't see your schemes? Base on your attitude and how you treat me before, there's no way for you to make me have a good life outside the country and prepare for my revenge on y'all."

She looked at Disha with disappointment as she added. "Don't forget that you only obtained your reputation and accomplishments because of me! As long as I'm alive, I'm your greatest threat!" Teagan squealed.

Disha became extremely furious. She slammed all the things besides her because of anger. "Shut up!" She yelled pointing at Teagan with her index finger. "Teagan Yu, a worthless bitch like you dare to spout nonsense in front of me? I'm the heir of the Yu Family now! You think I can't live without you? Since you want so much to die," She walked closer towards Teagan.

"Then Die!" She whooped as she injects Teagan with the poison inside the syringe.

Teagan screamed because of pain that feels like thousands of swords pierced her flesh and soul.

She has already thought that this day is nearly to come.

Disha laughed evilly. ‘‘You're fated to die in my hand, Sister! You will be the first person who will experience the beauty of after-life because of me!’’

Tears escaped from the corner of her eyes. Teagan can feel her breath is slowly fading as her heartbeat is infrequently beating and her body feels numb. If she can live again, she definitely won't live for nothing anymore! She's going to make everyone who wronged her pay the price. She'll make all of them experience ten times of what suffering she has experienced!


Lightning and thunder clamored on the sky reason for her to wake up. Teagan rubbed her eyes to brighten her hazy vision when the image of a familiar room appeared in her sight. ‘‘Ahh! Didn't I die?’’ She grumbled. Her face looked flushed and uncomfortable.

She moved her body and feet as she looked at it with disbelief. She can move? She can actually move! Hasn't she have been paralyzed for the past three years? She was curious as she looks everywhere.

She looked at her palms. She saw the green ring in her thumb. ‘‘This ring...’’ Recalling who gave it to her, she was surprised. It's the gift that the Eadburg Family gave to her as a symbol of their engagement. Wasn't this stolen from her on the day of her 25th birthday?

A laugh of a familiar man vibrated in her ear from the outside talking about how he was injured by a drunk woman and how he was chased by his wife because he was caught having an affair.

His companion replied. ‘‘It's your fault for being so hasty man! She has already been drunk, so all you have to do is put patience, you know? And just forget about that old wife of yours. She's already loose, you better find new.’’ He chortled.

This situation is kind of Familiar. ‘‘Drunk? A luxurious Mansion? And my ring...’’ Teagan realized something unbelievable. Wait, what! Did she just reborn back into her past self after her death? before all the horrible things happened to her? She returned to that nightmarish evening when she was still 18 years old! She was dumbfounded, her throats dried and her eyes widened.