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Forbidden Heat

Forbidden Heat



"I'll fuck you so hard that you'll forget all about him" Natalia has been desiring her stepfather for the longest time after her mother passed away. Suddenly, her stepfather becomes engaged to another woman while his younger brother found out about Natalia's secret... Trying to keep her affair with her step cousin a secret from her passionate bodyguard...
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**This story does NOT contain incest. All male love interests are NOT blood-related to the female protagonist**

“Ah Ah Ahh! ... Edward please stop…we…ah…cannot do this…ahh,” I panted between kisses as my step uncle’s tongue invaded my mouth, twirling against my own tongue as he gently sucked them with passion.

“Didn’t I tell you to call me ‘Professor’ while we are at work?” he replied mockingly before continuing to defile my mouth. My body froze from shock at what was happening as my hands clenched tightly against his white lab coat. I tried to break my lips away from his kiss only for his warm and large hands to push the back of my head directing my wet lips back towards his hungry lips and seeking tongue once again.

“I’ll give you so much pleasure that you’ll forget all about Lucien…” he chuckled in my ear and whispered to me in his deep and seductive voice.

“Ah … please,” another set of moans unintentionally escaped my lips to my own surprise. I was losing control of my mind and body as his big manly hands slowly slid inside my lab coat and cupped my left breast, massaging them intensely. The sensation sent a jolt through me, and I started to feel a sudden rush of warmth and stickiness easing out from between my legs.

No, I am reacting to him so fast and so strongly. As if he could sense my arousal, his lean body cornered me driving my back against his worktable then wedged his left leg in between my thighs. I tried to plead with him to stop but the only sounds that I could produce were sensual moans mixed with my hard breathing. My step uncle was now fondling both of my breasts over my clothes.

“No…stop…I can’t…” I moaned and gasped as his tongue slowly licked my ear lobes and then sucked my ear making wet sucking sounds. The sensation was so intense that I opened my eyes wide just to see his handsome face and his eyes burning with desire for me gazing back at me. So similar, I thought in the heat of that moment, his green eyes, dark brown hair, his beautiful straight nose, his playful lips, and his lean and slightly muscular body are so similar to the man that I love and have secretly yearned for…my stepfather.

He kissed me again deeply, thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth. Our mixed saliva dripping out of my lips every time he changed the angle of our kiss. Moaning between our kisses, I could feel his thigh pressed upwards against my throbbing secret passage.

“You’re grinding your pussy against my leg,” Edward teased.

My whole body froze at his words. I immediately felt embarrassed realizing how much control I have lost to this man. During my shock, his hands quickly tore open the front of my blouse and pushed my bra out of the way to reveal my naked breasts. I felt the cold temperature of the lab on my bare skin and my nipples hardened instantly. The cold was momentary as he quickly covered my left breast with his warm hand and my right nipple with his hot mouth.

“No … please!” I cried out in a voice so strained that I hardly recognized it as my own as I felt his hot tongue lapping fast at my hard nipple as my other breast was squeezed and rubbed hard repeatedly. My hands were in his hair as he continued to suck harder on my hard and swollen nipple. The harder he sucked, the louder I moaned and felt my pussy pulsate and clench down there. I was losing control to the pleasure and I started to grind my pussy harder and faster against his thigh for temporary relief.

“You’re dripping wet down here … I guess your dirty uncle turned you on so much, huh?” he whispered cunningly in my ear as his pushed his fingers against the center of my crotch rubbing it through the lace of my underwear.

“You’ve completed soaked through your panties. Did you cum just from me sucking your breasts?” Edward asked before chuckling softly.

Suddenly, my skirt was hiked upwards and hung loosely around my waist and I felt the cold air against my wet and hot pussy that was now fully exposed. He pulled my underwear all the way down my legs and off in one swift motion. Without the fabric to restrain the wetness inside of me, I felt my love juices slowly spilling out of my private lips onto my thighs, making me realize how wet I have been all this time.

“No more…someone might come in…” I whispered the only excuse I could think of to get him to stop.

“Then I guess you better keep those lewd noises you’ve been making down…” he replied and thrusted his middle finger into my love hole in one deep and fast motion. I cried out in pleasure, my legs barely able to support my weight and I leaned back against the table for support. Wet sounds filled my uncle’s entire office as he moved his finger in and out of me before curling up inside me to explore the upper wall of my cave, searching for my most pleasurable spot.

“Is this where you like it?” he asked in an alluringly husky voice as his finger pressed against my g-spot. I could feel myself becoming wetter and wetter as he continued to stimulate that spot. I couldn’t take the pleasure building inside my pussy and started grinding hard against his hand as I moaned loudly in abandon.

Smacking wet sounds echoed throughout the room mixing with our panting and passionate moans. Sensing that I wanted more, he pushed in another finger inside of me and started thrusting even harder and faster from various different angles.

“Your pussy is sucking in my fingers…you are such a slut. I can’t wait to fuck you hard,” he groaned into my ears while fingering me hard and then proceeded to suck on my erect nipples. His other hand pinched my swollen-hard clitoral nub making the sweet ache between my legs unbearable for me and I could feel it approaching…my orgasm.

“You’re twitching so much inside … you’re gonna cum soon, right?” he asked in between sucking my nipples with loud mocking sucking sounds. I couldn’t answer him even if I wanted to. My mind was going blank and numb from the pleasure that he was feeding me, and my body was now moving on its own guided purely by animalistic instinct and lust. I leaned back and wrapped by legs wantonly around his hips while pulling up my pussy to grind rhythmically against his fingers as he intensified the in-and-out motion.

My arms wrapped around his neck pushing his head in for a wildly deep kiss involving our hot tongue and I cried my climax into his mouth as my release hit me hard. I arched my back against his body and fingers that were still deeply buried in my hole and wrapped my legs tight around his hips drawing his whole body closer to me. The last sensation that I remembered before my mind went completely blank was the rush of hot liquid released from the inner depths of my pussy.

“Wake up Natalia…we’re not finished yet,” Edward said close to my ear.

I wasn’t sure if it was his voice, or the sensation of my love entrance being suddenly stretched that brought me back to my senses. He had lifted me to sit on his worktable and I felt it…

Big, hot, and hard as it pumped into my cave. His gigantic cock was plunging into my hole as his hands held my legs wide open to grant him access to my inner core.

“You’re still so tight down here even after cumming that hard … guess my fingers were not enough for your hungry pussy…” Edward said, his voice thick with lust.

He reared back to remove his shaft from me before slamming it all the way inside my quivering pussy. It was both painful and pleasurable at the same time as my pussy walls adjusted to the size and shape of him.

“Don’t clench around me too tightly, I’m about to move…hold your legs open wider for me,” Edward commanded.

As if bounded by the magic of his command, I held my legs wide open for him as he thrusted fast and hard in and out of my sopping wet cunt.

**Thrust Thrust Thrust**

He began pumping harder and deeper each time. His big dick was rubbing my inner walls and hitting my womb deep inside with each thrust. Just as his cock was thrusting deep inside me, his tongue was thrusting deep inside my mouth to contain my screams of pleasures as I whimpered passionately into his mouth.

Oh father, please forgive me for this. His face and build, which are so similar to my stepfather, is turning me on so much. Edward hoisted me into a sitting position to thrust into me even more deeply and soon he was groaning madly and pumping wildly into me non-stop. I felt like my whole body has melted to mush in his arms and with each stroke of his dick inside of me, I inched closer to my climax.

“I’m … gonna ... gonna …” I panted and wrapped my legs around his hips pushing my pussy up even closer to the base of his cock.

“Cum…let’s cum together Natalia!” He panted hard in my ear and scooped my body into his arms lifting my ass off the table and pushing my ass to grind harder and faster against his hips as he pumped his cock wildly inside my pleasure hole. I clenched my legs around his hips and my pussy around his cock one final time before screaming out wildly as my climax hit me again. He screwed his dick into me one last time, his dick twitched, and his balls contracted, shooting his hot seed deep into my cunt.

**Ring Ring Ring**

“Hi, Lucien. Yup, we’re wrapping up at work now. I will drop your daughter off in a few minutes…No, I don’t think I can stay over for dinner. Alright, see you soon.

“As you heard, your father wants you back now. You better get dressed so I can drive you back home. I wouldn’t want to keep my dear brother waiting to have dinner with his beloved daughter for too long now, can I? Come down to the car when you’re done,” Edward teased.

I was still exhausted from our steamy session as I felt his cock gliding out of me followed by the mix of our love juices spilling out of my opening onto my legs and the floor. That was when I realized that this was the first time in my life that I did it raw and had a man’s seed buried deep inside me. The smell of our sex hung heavily in the room along with the silence as Edward got dressed and left without saying another word.

I dressed up as fast as I could in my state of confusion and grabbed my bag before heading out of his office down towards the parking lot where he was waiting.

What have I done? How did I lose all my control and give myself over like that to my uncle? What I did was so wrong, immoral, and disgusting…thinking of and desiring my father as I let my uncle fuck me senseless in his office…but wait … how did he know?

Cold sweat ran down my spine as I realized that he somehow knew my dark secret. He knew of my love and yearning for my stepfather. Edward, he knows about my forbidden love towards his elder brother…

I picked up my mobile and saw a message from my step cousin, Zak.

“How was the first week of your internship with Uncle Edward? I miss having you in my arms. Let me know if you are free later tonight…Love you always.”

To be continued…