His Substitute Lover

His Substitute Lover


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"I want to offer you a deal." I stood waiting for him to continue with what he was suggesting. He went to a drawer and came back with a paper in his hand. "This is a contract." I took the paper but continued staring at him. "I'll pay off all your debts and all the money for your mom's surgery." I looked at him with my mouth gaped. Was he serious? I looked at the paper then back at him. "If..." I sighed knowing that there was more to the catch. " You agree to be my sex partner." *********************************************************** Stella wanted money to pay for her mom's surgery, but she didn't know she would somehow end up in the bed of Daryl Valerio, a billionaire who already has a wife.
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Stella Newton

"Hey, young lady! Are there any flowers as beautiful as you?"

I looked up towards the direction of the sound and saw a black Range Rover with a handsome middle-aged-looking man inside.

He was smiling at me and gesturing for me to come over.

"I'll take it as a compliment, sir." I grinned and approached him, and that's when I found that he was wearing a very expensive-looking navy suit with a matching white striped tie.

"How about those BlueLovers, sir? The color matches your suit very well." I pointed at those fresh blue roses.

"Good choice. I'll take them all, miss. Please wrap those BlueLovers for me."

"Sure, sir."

"Just call me Jackson and think of me as a friend, 'cause I'll be a regular here. Tell me your name, babe."

I smiled at this generous customer and handed him the bouquets. "Stella. And you're always welcome, Jackson."

"It was very nice to meet you Stella, hope I'll see you again soon." With that, he drove away.

I waved goodbye to him. I really love my job. During my 8-month working as a florist here, I met many friendly customers. Sometimes they treated me even nicer than my boyfriend did.

Only four of us worked here: Sam and Kash who dealt with the flower catering services, and Belle and I who stays at the front to assist customers. Sometimes the boss would come in on Fridays and help around or make sure everything's in place and order.

I only had two more hours before my shift ends and I was preparing for the date with my boyfriend, whom I hadn't seen for a long time.

Brad and I have been together for over six months and it's been nothing but sad. Sad not meaning I regret being with him, sad meaning we hardly spend any time together. For the first two months of our relationship, we would see each other more often but now it's like we don't see each other at all. During that time we only made love when I stay over at his house and that's been only a few times.

We don't live together because I wanted to stay with my mom. She works as a teacher at a high school but the money wasn't enough most times considering the bills, rent and food. I helped pay the bills when she can't and sometimes she would complain that I'm doing too much but I just shrugged it off.

She even sometimes say that I should move in with Brad. She favoured him highly when she first met him and still does now. I told her no all the time. Not until I find a better job to buy her a home and enough money in her account to pay her bills on time.

Two hours later. I was waiting on Brad to pick me up. He said six and it was almost half-past.

My phone started ringing and I answered it.

"Ummm, hey babe, I don't think I'll be able to take you to dinner today. I'm sorry but I have to work late at the office."

I sighed feeling a bit disappointed.

"OK, call me when you get home."

"Sure thing babe."

I placed the phone in my bag before flopping down on a bench. I knew his work was important, but what about me? I wanted to spend time with him. He's been working so hard so I shouldn't see any problem with him coming off early from work.

Feeling a little bit depressed, I walked home.


I knew she was home because her bag was on the island counter. I went to the living room to see her drinking some juice whilst her feet were in a pale of warm water. She was watching a film and smiled when she noticed me.

"How was work dear?"

"It was great mom, and yours?"

"You know how high school kids are, they don't do homework and when you complain about it they leave the class and you're left with no one to teach," she retorted before relaxing in her seat.

I only chuckled a bit.

Suddenly she started coughing a bit loudly as I went beside her and patted her back. She stopped after a while before taking a deep breath and opening her eyes.

"Mom, are you OK?"

"I'm fine sweetie, maybe I should just lie down for a while," she said softly before getting up and leaving the living room. I sighed heavily before going to my room for a long, warm shower. After that, I pulled on my white robe before making my way downstairs into the kitchen. I noticed some papers on the island and I took up one before reading through it.

It wasn't the part that said electricity bill that shocked me, it was the amount of money that was due. Due to certain circumstances we didn't pay any last month and now its getting piled up. I sighed heavily knowing I'll have to draw the little change left in my account to pay the bill.

I'm the only person my mom could rely on, and my dad had disappeared for a long while. When I was younger I used to ask about some information about my dad, but mom would say that he wasn't a good man and that he left when she was pregnant. She was broken but she never showed it. She was a strong woman to raise me on her own.

"The bills are piling upon us, I may have to borrow a loan," mom said as she stared at me.

"We will manage OK? We always have. There's no need to borrow a loan"

"But what if we really can't manage Stel, if we can't pay the rent we'll be given notice and then we'll be in debts and-

She started coughing loudly as I filled a glass with water and handed it to her as fast as I could. She took it and drank half of the glass. I rubbed her back before drying the tears in her eyes.

Maybe mom was right, I should consider a part-time job or something? Mom has been nothing but stress and I hated it. She doesn't deserve this type of life after what she's been through with dad leaving and stuff. Sigh. I just hoped for a miracle soon.

However, there's no miracle in my world...