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My Everlasting Doting on My Sweetie

My Everlasting Doting on My Sweetie



It was Natalie's 23rd birthday. She got drugged by her boyfriend Jason. Later on she realized it was all a scheme, Jason had hooked up with her best friend Faye, and they prepared a will for her to sign before they threw her to the ocean and let her be torn apart by sharks. Later in hell, Natalie woke up and met the hell's messenger, and learned that she could be resurrected, but her body was torn apart by sharks, she needed a new body. Then she met a lady named Sylvia, who died at the same time with her. She came to hell because she killed herself, her body remained intact. So Natalie begged the hell's messenger to let her take Sylvia's body and reincarnate. Messenger said yes and Natalie woke up in Sylvia's luxurious bedroom, and met her husband...
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On 15 November 20XX, two major events took place in Country Z.

The richest woman in S City fell into the sea on the night of her birthday and disappeared. Her whereabouts remained unknown.

The young mistress of the Hughes family in B City committed suicide by slitting her wrists. Her fate remained uncertain.

A luxurious private yacht was sailing the vast ocean.

Today was the 23rd birthday of Natalie Shen, the richest woman in S City.

After the death of her mother at the age of 18, she took over the cosmetics company her mother left behind.

At first, the public had thought that the pampered rich girl would definitely squander all the family property, but within just a few years, she turned the SL Corporation into the No.1 cosmetics company in Country Z, which was referred as the "Shiseido" of Country Z.

And she also became the richest woman in S City with assets worth 5 billion dollars.

After a meeting this afternoon, she headed to the harbor of S City and boarded her private yacht.

Because her boyfriend of five years said he was going to give her a birthday surprise here, she dismissed all the bodyguards in the name of wanting to enjoy a couple hours time together alone.

After a long journey, the yacht drifted into the open sea. There was nothing left in sight but the yacht on the endless horizon.

The night was dark, with a bright moon hanging in the sky, casting a bright glow on the deck of the yacht.

Dressed in a sexy black swimsuit, Natalie was sitting on a lounge chair, gazing at the moon.

"Natalie, let's have a drink."

A familiar, warm voice came through.

When she turned around, she saw a man clad in a bathrobe and a pair of beach pants walking toward her. He seated himself in a chair next to her, and handed her a glass of red wine.

He was her boyfriend of several years, Jason Ji, who was her senior in high school.

Back in high school, she was a first year freshman and he was a third year senior. As soon as she joined the school, he fell in love with her at first sight, and emerged as the most eye-catching one among her many suitors.

It was only after the unexpected death of her mother that she began dating him.

At that time she was extremely painful since she lost her only family. And in her most difficult time, he was by her side, telling her that he would only love her for the rest of his life and that he would always stay with her.

Natalie reached out and took the wineglass from him. She was always unguarded in front of her boyfriend.

She raised the glass and swirled it gently, and the luster of the red wine turned more and more charming under the moonlight, as enchanting as the shade of blood.

Natalie drank up the red wine in her glass in one go.

Seeing her drink up the wine, Jason's deep eyes flashed with a trace of slyness.

"What did you say you were going to surprise me with?"

Natalie's gaze fell upon him. Jason was very handsome, he was one of the best-looking men she knew.

But there was never a lack of handsome men among Natalie's suitors.

What really attracted her was his gentle personality.

Jason smiled slightly with corners of his charming mouth upward, and said word by word, "You will know soon."

Only a short time later, Natalie felt a splitting pain in her head and her vision soon became blurred.

Natalie frowned, sensing that something was wrong, so she stood up on staggering feet.

"I'm having a bit of a headache, probably because of the sea breeze, let's go back into the cabin."

Seeing the state that Natalie was in, he knew that the drug had taken effect. Jason stood up and reached out to grasp Natalie's wrist, stopping her in her tracks.

Natalie frowned and raised her head. In her blurred vision, she realized the unusual behavior of the man in front of her.

In a cool voice, she asked, "What's wrong?"

Jason let go of her hand and took a couple of steps back. "Faye, show yourself."