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Her Tormentor Alpha
Her Tormentor Alpha
"Hunter let me go," I whimpered as he leaned in and took a whiff of my scent from my neck. My mind and heart, none of it were willing to accept the closeness but my body was yearning to submit. My nipples brushed against his solid naked chest and a zap of electricity attacked my core resulting in the moisture gathering in my sensitive folds. He moved his hand and cupped my bottom, earning a gasp from me. "This body of yours. IT'S. MINE." He growled. "And I'll do anything to make sure that you get this in your head even if it means to get you on my bed and make you submit over and over again." And then he tore my panty with one pull. * When on Aria's Eighteen birthday her bully, Alpha Hunter Rodriguez, turned out to be her mate, she could not be more devastated. But destiny wanted something else and once the mysterious rouge attacks began, putting everyone's lives in danger. For the pack--Aria and Hunter had to work together to overcome the storm. Where there was Hunter's realization of his mistakes, there was Aria's fight to resist the mate bond and her feelings. But in this ever-growing fire and electric pull between them, there was someone who wanted to tear them apart and Aria became the main attraction of the one regulating the attacks. But they did not know that the unknown enemy they had to fight was sheltering under their own pack in disguise and after the pack, it was Aria who was at the main risk. The real enemy only had one rule--Whether he'd claim or...he'd kill. Can Hunter Rodriguez save his mate or it's going to be too late?
Barely Legal
Barely Legal
Arianna Carter (18) just completed high school and is now working at a country club in San Antonio as a receptionist. Due to her parents' unfortunate gambling issues, her college savings has been depleted to nearly nothing, forcing her to take a gap year or two to save her own money. She loves her job, but the only downfall is the older, rich bastards who treat her like a piece of meat and think they can flash some cash in her face and get her to drop her panties. Most of them are married with kids and just want her as one of their many mistresses on the side. Personally, she finds older men attractive, but she would prefer her man single and unattached. She goes to bed at night wondering what it would be like if one of them would sweep her off her feet. Pierce White (50) has just ended his toxic marriage of 25 years to his high school sweetheart and retired early as an investment banker all in the same month. After retirement, Pierce becomes a homebody and spends his days in absolute solitude. His ex-wife was every bit of a socialite and always drug him against his will to fancy dinner parties or charity functions, despite his clear distaste for the events. His best friend, Patrick convinces him that he at least needs to get out of the house a few times a week and invites him to join a new country club. Reluctantly, Pierce agrees, but once he sees the young, brown-skinned receptionist behind the front desk his first thought is bending her over it and having his way with her.
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