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The Arrogant CEO's Pet
The Arrogant CEO's Pet
He takes one step passed me but stepping backward he leans over my head with his tall figure and sneers in his deep threatening voice, “What do you say when your boss returns home?” I tremble at my place forgetting to reply. The smell of his cologne is intoxicating and the closeness makes me nervous every time but the power that radiates from his body and his deep rough voice, can make me wish to run away as far away as possible whenever he gets angry, which is most of the time he sees me! In short he just hates me but he loves my cooking and he loves to torture me! “What the f*ck did I ask Ms Grace?” he yells in my ears making me cringe but immediately I reply stuttering, “G-Good Evening S-Sir!!” He takes a deep breath to control his boiling anger as his fists clench and unclench at his sides, eager to land a slap on my face. I wait but luckily that doesn’t happen! ‘Phew! Saved by the Gods!’ “Good. Next time you forget, you will be up till morning!” he warns and at the thought of it my skin starts to give away several goose bumps. ---------- The feared ruthless and Arrogant CEO Vincent is hard to resist but easy to fear. Innocent Grace who is on the run from her monstrous past, crosses path with Mrs Scarlett, Vincent's mother who appoints her as his Personal Assistant. But Vincent rejects Grace at the first sight. What will happen when Grace accepts to work as a living-in Assistant to the CEO to save herself from her past? How will she handle the daily tortures and the emotional roller coaster ride with the CEO who can't stand her sight?? Will she run away? Or will Vincent be her ultimate saviour?? The story is full of emotions, thriller and romance! Be ready to be on your toes!
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